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    Standard and custom-made booking platforms

    A sublime booking platform is essential for big companies, that often need to coordinate internal meetings efficiently or for companies that book timeslots for their customers.


    We've built all kinds of booking platforms.

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    When does it make sense to have a booking platform?


    How we develop your booking platform

    Even though many booking platforms will have the same variables, we always ensure that the booking flow matches your exact needs.


    Who can book, what can be booked, what comes first are just a few of the variables we can adjust. With a clear process we ensure that you get a booking platform that matches your needs instead of building a one-size-fits-all, which nobody really likes.


    When we have agreed on your needs and the layout, we develop the booking platform and teach you how to use it.

    Contact us

    Popular types of booking platforms

    Booking platform for meetings

    Booking platforms can be useful to coordinate internal meetings or booking meeting rooms you are renting for other companies.

    Booking platform for seminar signups

    Booking platforms for seminar/class signups are very practical, as the booking platforms automatically know whether seats are still avaliable for a given seminar/class and can send confirmations to clients.

    Booking platform for B2C

    These booking platforms could be for room rentals, haircut timeslots or other kinds of bookings where you need to account for a large volume of signups from private consumers.

    Unique booking platforms

    Many companies have niche needs for a booking platform and we can custom-made these requirements.


    We specialize in booking systems for WordPress

    One of Morningtrain's core competences is developing booking platforms for WordPress.

    We have several strong cases with WordPress plugin development for booking platforms.


    Learn more about our WordPress Skills

    Booking platform developed in Denmark

    When you hire Morningtrain, you know exactly who is a part of the developer team. We never outsource and all our specialists are located at our HQ in Odense, Denmark.

    Communication with the team is therefore easier and  you have a clear overview and insight into the development of your booking platform.

    3 things to consider when it comes to booking systems


    Do you want an offer for a booking platform?

    Want to hear more about how a booking platform can make your workflow easier and more automatic?

    We hope you do!

    In that case, feel free to write or call our Head of Development Niclas, and get his input with no strings attached.

    Booking Platform
    Contact Niclas Johansen