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    Development, digital design


    Alflow creates value through optimization of processes and applications, advises in flow, components and materials so that their customers can achieve a higher yield in their production.

    Morningtrain was allowed to join the journey and realize the desire for online sales in the international market.


    More sales should take place online

    Alflow is experiencing a huge demand for their components, but wanted to open for online sales as this makes it easier to handle them.


    Website optimization to open sales in the international market

    In order to open for online sales on, the website must be optimized. This means that the product catalogue must be updated, the website made ready for several languages ​​and contact forms prepared so that leads can enter via the website.


    Alflow differentiates itself from their competitors

    In order to create more sales online, Alflow developed a website where there was room for an innovative product catalogue at the same time as the website was made ready for the language, so that sales can take place internationally in the future.

    Alflow has also implemented contact forms so that interested companies can establish quick contact.

    With their new website, one can quickly see that Alflow differentiates itself from their competitors on their digital aesthetics.

    MacBook Image
    Alflow website preview

    Innovative digital design provides Alfow with a huge advantage

    Alflow took a significant step forward with their choice to focus on website design. This means that the different industries; pharma, food, industry and single-use all have easy access to information on the requested components. The innovative and easily accessible catalogue makes it easy for companies to order products.


    Use the contact form on your website

    Website visitors are good, but leads are better

    In order to make the best possible use of the new digital design, it was important to set up contact forms so that companies could contact Alflow through the website. This meant that Alflow could use these contact forms for lead generation.



    Close collaboration between project participants strengthened international strategy

    When a website like Alflow´s is to be launched, it is important both parties work closely together. In this case, there has been an interplay where wishes were heard and translated into reality.

    This interaction was strengthened through frequent meetings between both parties to ensure that the communication and execution of the digital efforts went according to plan.



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