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Webshop & SEO

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bloomit har smukke blomster

Bloomit has a full-digital solution at Morningtrain. That means that we assist Bloomit with SEO, conversion optimization, graphics and development of their webshop - and we also provide a hosting solution.

Monthly SEO - and conversion optimization on Bloomit's webshop

bloomit page eksempel


Bloomit is in the flower industry and grow exponentially

Bloomit looked for a digital parther that could advice and implement everything from web-development to digital marketing. Today we have a close collaboration which have led to strong results.


More organic visits


Increased online revenue


More orders from tablet and mobile

Blog for a custom-made CMS

bloomit sælger smukke blomster

Conquest of different seasons' potential

A significant part of Bloomit's revenue is dependent on special occasions. Despite that Bloomit had a significant revenue on these day before our partnership then we developed a strategy to conquer a larger volume of customers on these important days.

Valentine's Day turned out to benefit from this strategy. Their revenue around this important day was 578% higher a year after our partnership began. This was achieved by a coordinated and well executed digital marketing effort on the most rewarding marketing channels.


This is empical evidence on that you should not assume that you have achieved your potential on important business days despite that things are going well. There will always be more territory and new customers to win.


"Our experience as a customer in Morningtrain is that we have their focus and attention. There is an honesty and ability to continuosly make it clear what our investment in digital marketing yields us"

5 / 5

claus fra bloomit er glad

Claus Lethenborg

CEO at Bloomit ApS

Significant growth from the beginning

Bloomit also benefitted from Google Ads

We also handle Bloomit's Google Ads account, and we also created strong results here. Especially with Google Shopping that now perform 16 times better than before

Increased revenue from Google Ads
Increased number of visitors from ads
Lower clickprices


Do you also want your webshop to excell?

Would you like to hear more about how we can help your webshop? Feel free to write or call Jesper to explore. No strings attached and we have great coffee at our office.

Contact Jesper Martinussen