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    International Google Ads, SEO, lead generation


    Bluebeam is an international growth company that creates more efficient collaboration for large companies in the construction industry with digital surveying tools.

    Morningtrain was allowed to join the journey and realize the international business potential based in the Nordic region.


    Untapped growth potential in Nordic countries

    Bluebeam knew they had a great product - but there just weren't enough who knew about it and used it.

    Their system Revu makes it easy and time-efficient to make offers for large construction projects, and at the same time Revu brings together all the different stakeholders in a construction project, so that communication is improved, and errors are reduced.

    Bluebeam therefore had a clear goal of achieving more leads / trial downloads in the Nordic countries - Denmark, Norway and Sweden. They knew that once construction companies have tried Revu - well then, they will keep using it.

    So, there was a lot of effort in expanding the digital effort to achieve more leads and trials. At the same time, Bluebeam was looking for a performance marketing partner who could enter a close dialogue with their affiliated branding agency. Morningtrain was offered a seat at the table as a partner on lead generation, where SEO and Google Ads came into focus.


    Massive expansion of Google Ads and SEO efforts to increase signups

    A significant part of the inbound marketing effort was a massive expansion of keywords with relevant Danish, Swedish and Norwegian search terms on Google Ads to expand and identify new, purchase-laden keywords for Bluebeam. They operate in a broad market, where there can be quite a few different types of decision makers that were important to discover.

    In addition to chasing the busiest traffic, a top-funnel effort was also launched with e.g., display advertising, YouTube advertising and Discovery advertising. This was combined with an SEO effort aimed at generating new traffic on prospects and explaining to this target audience how Bluebeam's product can help solve the various pains in these major construction projects via digitization.

    Finally, the effort was spiced up with frequent sparring between Bluebeam, Morningtrain and the branding agency to ensure that the global marketing plan was translated correctly into other languages and efforts in the other Nordic countries.


    Significant growth in trial signups and increased collaboration for global strategy

    The results for Bluebeam became quite clear already a few months into the collaboration, where the following 3 milestones were especially of great importance.
    1. Massive growth in the number of downloaded trials in Denmark, Sweden and Norway. The leads that marketing provides are of high quality and to the benefit of the sellers.
    2. We have jointly explored and created new markets for Bluebeam through new, business-critical keywords.
    3. A solid process around the implementation of the global strategy, where we work with the branding agency to ensure a consistent omni-channel strategy.
    MacBook Image
    Bluebeam website preview

    Keyword expansion provided access to new types of leads

    By daring to expand and experiment with keyword expansion in Google Ads, new audiences were identified - and we identified which audiences most often signed up for trials of Bluebeam's product.

    This knowledge was important so that the various leads such as architects, engineers, contractors et al. got their own landing pages with the unique selling points, which was important to motivate the individual target group to try the tool during a trial period.


    Website visitors are good, but trials are better

    It was important that the marketing played well with the sales organization - and the focal point was signups for trials on Bluebeam's tools.

    By including the sales department in the dialogue, the various marketing efforts and keywords were continuously evaluated, so that Bluebeam quickly got confirmation of which marketing efforts were driving good business.



    Close collaboration between project participants strengthened global strategy

    When we ran the international marketing effort to support product sales, the interplay between Bluebeam, the branding agency and Morningtrain became crucial and a common thread between the various efforts and the global strategy was needed.

    This interaction was strengthened through frequent meetings between all parties to ensure that the communication and execution of the digital efforts went according to plan.



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