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Design, website & programming

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Clevermate had a new website developed with an integrated booking platform. The goal was to create a digital platform that made it easy for students to get help with their studies.

Intelligent booking platform that makes it easy to book talented teachers

clevermate backend

Clevermate connects teachers and students

The website is just as much for new teachers as for students. If you have the skill then you can be signed up as a teacher and then you can be discovered and booked by students looking for help to improve.

kvindelig studerende på universitetet

Find the right teacher trough relevant variables

The objective for our developers was to create a booking platform that would create the right conditions for beneficial knowledge sharing.


Design-wise we focused on creating a warm and inviting look, and functionality wise it is possible to search for a teacher with metrics such as city, skill level and courses.


Lastly, there implemented a payment solution directly on the website so that the teachers automatically gets paid on a montly basis based upon their activity.

Website development

“Morningtrain has delivered a high-end products with a lot of user-friendly functionalities and details. Already from the beginning we felt that good customer service was important for them."

5 / 5

Niklas Vohnsen headshot

Niklas Vohnsen

Co-Founder, CleverMate


Do you need help to build a digital platform?

Do you have a great idea for a digital platform but need help to bring it to life? We will gladly assist you with feedback and a dialogue about how we can help you with design and development. Feel free to call or write Jesper if that sounds exciting.

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