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    Gamification, digital design, Laravel, React, user universe

    Coding Pirates educational platform

    Coding Pirates wanted to develop an ambitious but easily accessible platform for children and young people who want to learn to program.

    The goal was to design and build a clear and inspiring platform that could take the young IT aspirants by the hand on their coding journey.


    There are not enough young people learning to code

    Coding Pirates is a voluntary organization that wants to provide young people with a platform to strengthen their skills in technology, coding and IT. But it has previously proved quite difficult to teach and motivate young children to take an interest in programming and IT. The reason for this is that many technologies are made by very wise people who do not posses a great educational flair. As a result, the learning curve for children and young people has been far too large when it comes to learning to program. The goal was to create a platform that children and young people could relate to and want to get involved in by drawing inspiration from computer games and gamification.

    Welcome to the 'Pirate Ship' – an educational coding platform

    The plan became a learning platform, which was called the 'Pirate Ship'.

    The goal was clear in advance, but that was not the whole journey - there were many different opportunities to realize the project.

    Coding Pirates and Morningtrain were part of a creative process, where the requirements specification for the various functions on the platform was continuously concretized through several internal and external workshops.

    There was an iterative approach to the graphic work and the preparation of the user interface with ongoing prototypes. Thus, with minimal resources, we were able to test concepts before going all-in on some areas and features. It was in this way, among other things, that we developed an avatar editor for the platform, which today is one of the most popular features.

    In addition, gamification became an important part of the solution; how could we keep the curiosity and motivation of the young people at bay - even as the learning material became more and more complicated? The answer was continuous implementation of gamification elements.


    The 'Pirate Ship' is launched successfully

    The 'Pirate Ship' project was launched and presented on time after a 9-month long project, where Coding Pirates were subsequently left with exactly the platform they had hoped for.

    Particularly popular was an avatar editor, where the children themselves can tailor their personal avatar with eg. glasses and hats. These items were continuously "unlocked" when the children achieved various milestones by using the platform. Thus, the children were able to distinguish themselves visibly to each other by the fact that their personal avatars became more and more cool the more they had learned on the platform.

    Furthermore, it was made possible for the many children and young people to upload their own code projects via a sharing page, where it could provide inspiration to others.

    Today, the platform is available to the organization's 2,750 active members and the +800 volunteers in the organization.

    MacBook Image
    Codingpirates website preview

    Today the 'Pirate Ship' is the central part of theCoding Pirates community

    70 +

    Departments in Denmark


    Active members

    800 +



    Gamification increases user engagement

    By incorporating gamification elements into the digital solution, it managed to maintain the interest in the platform among the users.

    Iterative processes

    The plan is not always in place right from the start

    Although large requirement specifications with a fixed price can give the finance man peace of mind, they can often be difficult to work with for the project team itself.

    The reason is that you do not always know the whole journey from the start, and then it is difficult to put inside a box. In addition, this can put the project team in "handcuffs" in the subsequent process and good ideas cannot be further developed.

    With iterative processes, Coding Pirates succeeds in testing hypotheses and new features on an ongoing basis, so that they eventually get the right project scope within budget.

    "In an intense 9 months, we have collaborated with Morningtrain to create the 'Pirate Ship' - an online community and IT creative platform for 10–12-year-olds. Morningtrain's specialists are competent, astute and have been the perfect partner for our ambitious project"

    Jakob Vest Hansen

    Project Manager, Coding Pirates


    Collaboration with Morningtrain puts power behind the ideas

    An important part of the journey with Coding Pirates was several introductory workshops, where the ideas were gradually broken down into concrete tasks for the requirements specification.

    By prioritizing close sparring with Morningtrain's web developers, Coding Pirates gained insight into how they could best meet their objectives.



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