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    Website & Google Ads

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    cookiebot case succesfuld seo

    Cookiebot wanted a classy and modern website to make EU-legislation as easy as possible to understand. We helped develop their website and assist with Google Ads.

    Cookiebot boosted with new website and Google Ads optimization

    cookiebot website design
    Classy and modern frontpage


    Cookiebot is growing and fast

    Cookiebot helps other websites to make the use of cookies and online tracking GDPR compliant. The EU GDPR legislation came into effect in May 2018 and companies all over Europe were working to become compliant.

    After we designed and developed the website, we began Google Ads advertisement - and the results came fast:


    More clicks


    Increased conversion rate


    Reduced cost-per-acquisition
    cookiebot eksempel på computer

    Exponential growth with Google Ads

    We took over Cookiebot's international Google Ads advertising, where we did the initial setup along with the continous optimization.


    The connection between campaigns and conversions is very easy to spot. Every time advertisement is started in a new market, the first conversions tick in a few days later. In only 5 months, Cookiebot's customer base has grown from 8.000 to 12.000 in 42 countries.


    During our partnership we have gotten Cookiebot so much new trafic, which came with a bonus of a lowered click-cost in Google Ads. More visitors also meant more conversion and the increased number of conversions resulted in a lower conversion price (CPA)


    Google Ads

    "The communication with Morningtrain is easy and positive. They are fast to identify our needs and offer effective solutions. They are to be trusted and delivers on time. We highly recommend Morningtrain"

    5 / 5


    Daniel Johannsen

    Founder and CEO, Cookiebot

    Focus on easy communication and SEO

    Website optimized for conversions

    Simplicity and overview are two keywords that describe the user experience on the website. The key messages are easy to spot and the CTA's have a clear hiearchy. Furthermore, the new website is structured very well technically so it is way more easy for Google to index the website's landingpages. Together with Google Ads, the new website clearly displayed results with lower bounce rates and improved visitor sessions.


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