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Website & hosting

Fynsk Erhverv
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grafisk kreativitet fra art director

Fynsk Erhverv were looking for a new website with an integrated business portal. We designed and developed a custom-made website according to their wishes.

Business portal and CRM integration

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Welcoming and intuitive design

Fynsk Erhverv is a large organization with a lot of different benefits for their members. This means that the members of Fynsk Erhverv use the website very differently. We have designed and developed the new website to make it welcoming and easy to use where the different key messages do not interfere with each other.


Our focus was to create an intuitive design that makes it easy for the visitor to find exatctly what they are looking for. The increase of the number of pages per session and the decreate of bounce rate indicate that the mission was succesful.


More page visits per session


Faster loadtime


Lower bounce rate

Watch the video about Fynsk Erhverv's business portal

Video testimonial

"It's all about connecting the companies and it's about visibility."

Intelligent business portal

A large part of the project with Fynsk Erhverv was to create the business portal. It had to be easy for the members to look up Danish companies based on simple metrics. We integrated the business portal with Fynsk Erhverv's CRP system so all information was automatically available in the portal. Then we made sure that the website design presented the individual member's company information in an elegant and simple way.


Do you also have a complex website project in mind?

We have helped many companies such as Fynsk Erhverv to get a custom-made website with specific wishes and requirements. We've seen and build many custom solutions. Try and call Chief Developer Martin to talk about your idea - and Martin will find a way to solve it with you.

Fynsk Erhverv
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