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    Digital design, development

    Glamsdalens Idrætsefterskole

    Glamsdalen wanted a modern and future-proofed website with a clear visual common thread. A good and close collaboration has delivered just that.

    Glamsdalens case cover

    Mismatch between reality and online

    Glamsdalens Idrætsefterskole has undergone great development for the school in recent years, but this was not evident in their communication and visualization on their website.

    That had to be changed and at the same time Glamsdalens Idrætsefterskole also wanted a website which would be easy and flexible to keep up to date.

    Glamsdalens elever med bind for øjnene

    Visual identity to create coherence and insight

    A clear plan was laid out which started with a UX designer at Morningtrain having to tie Glamsdalens Idrætsefterskole story and development together in a visual identity which could create a bridge between reality and how they are represented online.

    Based on this, the development of the future-proofed website could begin. This became a close process between the Morningtrain team and Glamsdalens Idrætsefterskole, who along the way received training in the system so that they could maintain the website themselves afterwards.

    Glamsdalens elever synger

    A future-proofed website with a clear and accurate presentation

    The result was a modern and future-proofed website with a clear, visual common thread that created a bridge between the real life and online expression.

    The new website is user friendly and inspiring for both potential students and parents who are planning their teenager´s upcoming school year. A final big plus was that the process from idea to finished website only took 3-4 months.

    Glamsdalens elever med skilte
    MacBook Image
    Glamsdalens website preview

    Due dilligence

    Due diligence describes Glamsdalens Idrætsefterskoles prioritization of this web solution. Their boarding school is in a very good place where they are a popular destination with a waiting list.


    Therefore, this digital investment was about building on a strong foundation and future-proofing the prospective student intake by offering parents and future students a great online experience when they search for their future boarding school.

    Glamsdalen elever

    The collaboration

    The close collaboration between Glamsdalens Idrætsefterskole and Morningtrain was essential for the right solution being able to be delivered on time.


    There were frequent status meetings where deadlines and tasks on both sides were communicated to avoid unnecessary delays or bottlenecks that would delay the process.

    Glamsdalen håndbold

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    Glamsdalens Idrætsefterskole
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