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    Programming & design

    Grillen Group
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    Screenshot of Grillens webiste

    Grillen has a new custom-made backend system with unique and specialized functionalty to match their needs perfectly.

    Grillen had a lot of imagination regarding their custom system

    Screenshot of Grillens webiste


    Grillen got a new digital employee platform which made their administrative tasks easier and provided valuable data

    The new intranet reduced Grillen's administrative tasks significantly with digital workshift, salarysystem and so on. These automatic features reduced the manual workload and mistakes. Lastly, the digital platform provides management with a valauble data measuring tool which can provide day-to-day data from their 7 different restaurants and quickly identify problems.


    Sound analysis creates efficient solutions which aid overview and growth

    From the get go we facilitated a analysis workshop where our Chief Developer sat down with Grillen Group and identified their many wishes regarding the future digital employee platform. That platform had to include contract management, workshifts, salary system and a visual databank from the different restaurants.

    Reduced administrative workload
    Fever manual mistakes
    Possibility to measure progress
    Identification of issues
    Screenshot of Grillens webiste
    Screenshot of Grillens webiste

    A digital partner that provides you with overview and solutions

    All of Grillens's wishes were defined and a plan was made to develop and implement all functionality in smaller deliverances. Today Morningtrain and Grillen has worked together for several years and we continously improve the digital platform with new functionality so their administrative tasks become more and more efficient so they can focus even more on their execellent service at their restaurants.


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    Morningtrain's digital solutions

    “New challenges and tasks are quickly identified and Morningtrain are fast to find a solution regardless how complicated the tasks are. The digitization of our business has become a pillar in the company and has created far more transparency in our organization.”

    CEO af grillen Thomas Rassmusen

    Thomas Rasmussen

    CEO & Partner, Grillen
    5 out of 5 stars

    Option to measure progress

    Reduced administrative tasks

    Digital contract management


    Would you like us to develop you a digital platform?

    If you think that your company could also benefit from a digital platform then you are probably right. Most companies have a huge digital potential.

    Feel free to write or call our Digital business developer Mathias and talk about your company's potential.

    Grillen Group
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