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    Design & website

    Neurons Inc
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    Neurons Inc had an online business card developed that matches the company's image as a leading player in brain research and consumer behavior.

    Consumer data provided by neuro research

    The dark theme enhances the visual elements

    When pictures say more than words

    The first thing one notices is that Neurons Inc has a dark universe. In terms of design, there are not many who dare to jump out in dark colors, but as you can see, it is absolutely possible to succeed with a dark theme.


    In addition, much emphasis has been placed on making the company's product and technology palatable. Morningtrain has achieved this by incorporating various visual aids.


    On the website you will therefore find pictures, infographics, illustrations and videos, all of which contribute to the understanding of what type of company Neurons Inc is.

    Website preview for Neurons Inc

    From online presence to online point of sale

    Neurons Inc is grounded in research and therefore wanted to have a section where they could share their knowledge. Likewise, the website should have a page dedicated to cases, as concrete examples would facilitate the understanding of their product.


    In conclusion, the purpose of a new website was also that the online portal should support Neurons Inc's sales work. In the past, the company worked primarily with offline sales e.g., from fairs and conventions.


    But with the new website, people can contact Neurons Inc without knowing much about the company. This is where the website's elegant execution emphasizes Neuron Inc's ethos.


    Visit the website here


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    Neurons Inc
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