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    Digital design, development, online marketing

    New universe and identity for Odense Havn

    It is difficult to overlook Odense Havn after they have put a lot of effort into their rebranding.


    In 2021, Odense Havn changed their name from Lindø Port of Odense to a classic-sounding Odense Havn. It has been a historic shift that Morningtrain is proud to be a part of.


    Can you really have it all?

    The Odense Havn rebranding meant a whole new universe and a new identity. Massive storytelling and visual elements that would be able to describe the possibilities at the port had to be created. Both locally, nationally and internationally. But can you have it all?


    The design must not be compromised

    A website platform had to be built, one that could lift the new design framework and at the same time make it possible for Odense Havn to maintain and expand the website.

    In addition to Morningtrain, Odense Havn had also procured external professional help to ensure the new storytelling that revolved around the words "We are the port". This message had to be spread so that there was no doubt that Odense Havn is now for open to EVERYONE.


    You can have it all

    Odense Havn was given a flexible solution with many visual elements built into the platform. With the new solution, it is possible for Odense Havn to put together and produce new subpages with different designs. A lot of freedom has also been built into the individual elements, which means that Odense Havn can adapt the elements visually.

    MacBook Image
    Odense havn website preview

    Fusion of identify and freedom

    We succeed with the difficult manoeuvre, which was to ensure that the importance of the visual identity was respected across all pages, while preserving the editorial freedom of Odense Havn.


    This meant that we had to build visual elements logically to provide Odense Havn with a wide range of options when there is a need to adjust or change the elements.


    The collaboration

    "We" is extremely important

    The collaboration between Odense Havn, Morningtrain and the external professionals was incredibly close, and it was marked by the fact that we were a "WE". This was reflected in the many work meetings and social events held, which ensured that the collaboration was absolutely extraordinary.


    This was the start of a larger and longer collaboration, where we have subsequently also expanded the universe with, among other things, a universe for wind turbine production, a recruitment environment and an ordering system where the port office can order anything they need for the port.



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    Odense Havn
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