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Design & website

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SalgsPiloterne's new website takes you on a tour in their universe where every element is specifically designed to help the visitor make a choice.

To sell is to help the customer to make a choice

Transparent pricing

Knowledge-sharing is part of SalgsPiloterne's DNA

From the beginning SalgsPiloterne had a lot of blogs, vlogs, podcasts and tools for analysis on their old website and all that amazing content was obviously merged to the new website. However, now their blog universe is more easy to navigate which makes it easier to use. A last important feature for SalgsPiloterne was the option to maintain and customize their website with their own touch. They have therefore marked key messages with red color to make these stand out.


Design that boosts understanding and action

The entire website is created with focus on the visitor's mental journey and it is especially clear on the front page. The goal was that a visitor should be able to immidiately judge if SalgsPiloterne's company and offerings were relevant for them without the need to explore too much.


An example would be our internal semantic discussion about the wording and description in the menu. Should their teaching be labelled "classes", "seminar" or "education"? The choice became "education" as this was the mose concise description of their offering.


A "seminar" could give the impression that their teaching only requirred minimal or no active participation which is the exact opposite to expect from SalgsPiloterne's teaching.



Would you also like website that stands out?

Do you also think it would be cool to have a website that accurately displays your values and culture? Then try to give Jesper a call and talk about your ideas - we hope to hear from you soon!

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