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    Digital design, development

    A custom-built webshop for Ultima-K

    Ultima-K got a webshop, where the customer journey was at the forefront. To accomplish this, UX best practices were of the utmost importance throughout the development process.


    Why build a new universe?

    Ultima-K requested a virtual showroom, which should be a step in the direction of expanding to B2B webshop. This should be done to better service their three customer groups:

    • Professional
    • Public
    • Institutional

    Ultima-K's sales take place via large bids, and therefore they wanted a universe that could show that they were specialized in servicing all 3 categories.


    Intuitive sitemap is the way forward

    The plan was to start by building an intuitive sitemap that would be based on the individual customer journey for the three customer groups. It should therefore be possible for them to see tailored content and information that was only meant for them.

    In addition, we would introduce a secondary menu that could help visitors find inspiration for their purchases.


    A custom-built webshop

    With the customer journey at the forefront, Ultima-K got a custom-built webshop, which was built according to UX best practices. The webshop has been conversion optimized and has an associated inspirational universe. The universe is easy to navigate and links solutions and products together with inspirational articles.

    MacBook Image
    Ultima K website preview

    Clear lines are the way forward

    A thorough clarification phase kick-started the collaboration

    To ensure that we were aligned with both technical requirements and the final product, it was very important to have a thorough project requirements phase at the very start. This helped to ensure that the solution was built exactly to Ultima-K's expectations. Functional and non-functional requirements were given high priority, so that the collaboration had the best possible prerequisite.


    The collaboration

    Smooth collaborationdue to realistic expectations

    There has not been a single setback during the collaboration between Ultima-K and Morningtrain. Ultima-K provided realistic resources and time to run their part of the project, which meant that we could move deliveries even faster and shorten the overall project timeline.


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