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    Digital design, development

    United Fintech

    United Fintech wanted a partner who could take them on a journey, where they could get a flexible and adaptable platform that could be easily further developed in the future.


    They got an insanely nice and super useful website that you just have to see for yourself.

    United Fintech work

    Lack of a permanent developer and support for platform

    The challenge for United Fintech was to find a permanent partner who could take them on the journey towards an innovative platform that could be continuously adapted to their wishes. One of the bigger demands was that the website as able put a visual imprint on the visitor while at the same time being able to convey their technically complex products.

    United Fintech animation

    The plan did not go quite as expected – thankfully, it went much better

    The plan was to provide a website at a fixed price, but that would not have provided the desired agility. Therefore, the project was run according to the agile SCRUM model. That is, we introduced sprints so that we could handle 'time and material' along the way.

    This ensured that we could help United Fintech evaluate and assess how the individual tasks should be solved. At the same time, we had a fixed budget that we obviously had to help them keep.

    United Fintech animation

    A website on an enormously high graphic level

    An entire universe was created for United Fintech. When you look at their website, you can see that a lot of time has been spent on animations that visualize the concepts behind their products. This helps visitors understand their actual services better.

    In addition, they have a system where the web admin role is completely autonomous and has the right to use and expand their website.


    United Fintech animation
    MacBook Image
    Website preview for United Fintech

    Price winning design that received 4 design awards

    The goal was to create a cutting edge and moderne design, that was both intuitive and engaging for the user.


    Our mission was successful and won, not one, but 4 awards at CSS Design Awards 2022:

    • Best Innovation
    • Best UI Design
    • Best UX Design
    • Special Kudos Awards



    An iterative process that ensured agility

    United Fintech had a definite wish; that we could be agile and able to adapt our workflow to their wishes. This was important because United Fintech is a company that is constantly on the move - often very quickly, and this needed to be reflected in their solution. If you’ve been past their website, then you must’ve already noticed how innovative and super exciting their company is.



    United Fintech animation

    The collaboration

    MVP mindset with weekly sprints

    Since the collaboration needed to be highly agile, we decided together to hold weekly sprints, where the team could coordinate the task in each sprint. This is where we had the opportunity to discuss and review deliveries. In addition to the weekly meetings, we also held group meetings once per month, where we coordinated the overall scope and budget.

    United Fintech animation


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    United Fintech
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