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    Digital design, development

    New websites forTirpitz & Flugt

    Vardemuseerne Tirpitz and Flugt each had their own website developed to ensure better communication and the possibility for potential marketing activities.

    Tirpitz case coverbillede

    A single subpage doesn’t provide a complete web experience for the visitors

    Vardemuseerne had the challenge that all their museums only had one subpage on a multisite. This limited the communication and the development opportunities for the individual museum as all the information had to be limited to a longer subpage with poor navigation options.

    Furthermore, the old solution also limited the possibility of using digital marketing channels to attract visitors to the museums through for example SEO.

    Tirpitz museum krig

    Development of separate websites with thought-through user journeys

    The plan was first and foremost to split the museums into separate websites with and being the first ones.

    In the analysis and design phase emphasis was then placed on 2 things in particular. Firstly, the focus was on making sure that the visual common thread on the website matched the experience on the museums for instance specific picture cutouts had to match the visualization of parts of the exhibition.

    Secondly, the link between the various museums remained an important factor. Thus, the various websites refer meaningfully to each other with relevant information as for instance how the visitors can achieve discounts by purchasing tickets to both museums.

    Flugt museum flygtninge udstilling

    Websites ready on time with easy maintenance

    The result was two websites which were launched in time for the opening of one of the museums.

    The web solutions are both characterized by design aesthetics in combination with well-thought-out, analyzed placements of web content to capture and inspire the website visitors to actually visit the museums.

    Other than that, another important result is the “engine room” behind these websites. The websites are built in a smart way, to ensure that the employees at Vardemuseerne can easily maintain and update the content on the website themselves.

    Flugmuseum inde fra
    MacBook Image
    website preview Tirpitz

    A future-proofed web solution in both the technical and commercial sense

    An important element in the web development was to future-proof the web solution both technically and commercially. The technical development ensures a modern website that will be technically up to date for many years to come. In the commercial sense, Vardemuseerne will be able to use the same technical structure from Flugt and Tirpitz for future museum additions.

    flugt museum case

    Close cooperation ensures on time launch

    Another very important factor in these successful solutions was the close collaboration between Vardemuseerne and Morningtrain. Close communication was crucial to getting the tasks done on time and frequent collaboration meetings were prioritized between the two project teams.

    In the final phase, the priority was on giving good training on the use of the system by Morningtrain to Vardemuseerne to make sure they were confident when working with it.

    tirpitz museum case

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