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AdWords & SEO

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mobil telefon i hånd

WeCoverYou did not want to settle with just their physical stores - they also wanted to conquer the digital marketplace.

We assisted them with a new frontpage, conversion optimization and digital marketing.

Enormous growth 97% more orders in 2017

hjemmeside design
Conversion optimized front page

High organic growthin 2017

WeCoverYou's  organic trafic increased exponentially in the first half of 2017 because of SEO.

The growth has been ongoing and the revenue from this trafic has increased exponentially.


Increased number of organic visits


Increased organic revenue


Increased organic conversion rate

WeCoverYou grow with Google Ads

WeCoverYou wanted a digital partner that could assist them with al their digital marketing efforts and grow their business online. Besides SEO, we also helped them with Google Ads and that yielded strong results in the first 6 months.

Increased revenue from Google Ads
Increased conversion rate
Lower cost per order
mobil telefon i hånd

On-going digital marketing effort

We helped WeCoverYour with their digital marketing when their internal ressources weren't enough and coached their internal employees tips and tricks along the way.


"Morning Train are great at spotting our needs and also the ones we didn't know we had. They like to keep a close dialogue"

5 / 5

jannik er tilfreds med vores arbejde

Jannik Meier Sørensen

CMO, WeCoverYou

Do you want help to scale your webshop with digital marketing?

If you would like our assistance with digital marketing channels such as Google and Facebook feel free to reach out. You can always call or write Thomas to get his input about what could make sense for your webshop.

Contact Thomas Østerkjerhuus