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    Development of design manual

    Streamline your visual expression across all channels

    The design manual is the marketing and communication employee's bible, as it defines how to visually work with the brand, what can and should be done.


    What does your print and social media presence look like? What image style do you use? How can the logo be used? etc. A design manual answers and streamlines all of these questions.


    Take control of YOUR brand experience

    Are you aware of writing all texts with the same communication style and matching it with a consistent visual expression in colors, font, and image style? If not, your customers will experience your brand differently.

    If some of your visitors experience your company with two different communication styles across channels, it can appear unprofessional and disorganized. Take control and ensure that your visitors always associate you with what you want to be associated with.

    SDCO - Steno Diabetes Center Odense

    Solutions based on what gives you value

    Design manuals in all sizes

    We develop many different sizes of design manuals. Some want to gather their logo, font, and color and have consistent use of these elements.


    Others need letterhead and PowerPoint templates, and some want a consistent visual structure for, for example, Facebook or LinkedIn posts.


    The common denominator for the above is that whether you are at one level or another, we help put together a design manual that creates value.


    Make it easy to work with your visual identity

    Digital version of your design manual

    Everyone knows the feeling of not being able to remember which color codes to use or where the latest version of your logo is located. This problem only gets bigger as more people work with your brand and marketing.


    Therefore, we have developed a Digital Asset Management system (DAM) called 'Morningassets', which provides you with an online platform where you can find graphic material, logos, colors, and anything else in your design manual with just one click.

    Price examples on designmanuals

    Contact our business developer Mathias Mide on 30 14 88 38, if you have questions about Morningtrain´s design solutions.

    The Essentials-package

    Design workshop
    Logo creation
    Determination of colors and fonts
    Small design manual
    Conclusive meeting
    30-40.000 DKK
    To hear more

    The Business-package

    Everything from the Essentials-package
    Image styling
    Business card
    Design manual
    Conclusive meeting
    45-65.000 DKK
    To hear more

    The Deluxe-package

    Everything from The Business-package
    Icon package
    Design style for web
    Extended design manual
    Conclusive meeting
    65.000+ DKK
    To hear more
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    Style guide

    “We have received help from Morningtrain on several occasions – among other things for the development of our visual identity and  our upcoming website – and they always provide service on a high level, are flexible, well-prepared and extremely pleasant to work with.”

    Kristine Melgaard Michailidis

    Communication officer v. SDCO
    5 out of 5 stars

    Design manual

    Graphic design


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    Design manual
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