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    Display ads on Google and Facebook

    Display ads are effective for brand awareness, retargeting and can be targeted at your competitors’ customers. With display ads, you can reach people early in the buying process.

    Emelie med logoer fra sociale medier

    Cross-channel branding and awareness

    When does display advertising make sense?

    Advertising on the Google Display Network is what most people associate with display (or banner) advertising. Here you can target display ads so that your target group sees your advertising on e.g., news websites or other websites that allow Google display advertising. The challenge is just that many people experience it as ineffective.


    Especially if you are betting on hard conversions from a random audience. If, on the other hand, you use it as a remarketing / retargeting channel or for custom intent, where you target the competitor's customers - then there can be much more substance in it.


    How we work with display ads

    We always start by asking you about your goals and the online marketing activities you may already have going on. We rarely recommend banner advertising as the first activity in online marketing - it works best as a support activity.


    For example, remarketing, where we target display ads at people who have already visited your website.


    Once we have found out if the choice of channel is right, our art director helps create appealing banners, and our online marketing specialists write sharp content and CTAs after dialogue with you.


    Read more about our work with online advertising and online marketing.

    Display ad price examples Always in combination with Facebook Ads or Google Ads

    Contact our business developer Mathias Mide on 30 14 88 38, if you need a chat or you have questions about our solutions.

    3 Display ads

    1 message in 3 different formats
    A couple simple animations
    4.275 DKK

    5 Display ads

    Max. 2 messages in 5 different formats
    A couple simple animations
    12% discount
    6.300 DKK

    8 display ads

    From 2 messages in 7 different formats
    Your choice of animations
    27% discount
    Price from:
    8.400 DKK
    Morningtrain digital solutions

    “Communication with Morningtrain is effortless and positive. They are quick to track down our needs and offer effective solutions. They are trustworthy and deliver on time. We definitely recommend Morningtrain!”

    Daniel Johannsen, grundlægger af Cookiebot

    Daniel Johannsen

    Founder, Cookiebot
    5 out of 5 stars


    More clicks


    Increase in conversion rate


    Lower conversion price

    Which targeting options are there for banner advertising?

    Our favorites, where you get your money's worth


    A clear favorite where you target people who have already visited your website. They have shown interest and you can show them ads & messages based on their behavior. The banners appear on websites that allow Google Display.

    Custom Intent

    The Custom Intent feature allows you to target ads to people who have visited your competitors' website. Reasonably powerful, as you can choose the competitors yourself and hit on the points where you are better in the banner text.

    Look-a-like audiences

    If you are running a successful remarketing campaign targeted towards people who visited your website, then banner ads can also target people who have similar interests.

    Google display network placement

    Google buys ad space on millions of websites, including the large magazines and newspapers. You can therefore access these banner placements through the Google Display Network.


    Benefits of a full-service digital agency

    When Morningtrain takes over your display advertising, you benefit from the fact that we not only employ online marketing specialists, but designers and developers as well.


    That way, we can design impressive display ads and help tackle any challenge that may arise.



    Digital specialists gathered under one roof

    When you work with Morningtrain's specialists, you always know the entire team behind your project. Likewise, you can always contact and meet with your project manager. Knowing your business partner requires trust, which is crucial for a well performing online marketing project.


    3 important considerations before you start with display ads


    Interested in marketing with display ads?

    If you find some of these clever targeting methods interesting, then we cannot blame you! We even use them in our own marketing.


    Give Mathias a call or write for a non-binding chat about your online potential with display advertising.

    Display ads
    Contact Mathias Mide