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Google Ads Agency

Grow your Business with Proven Google Ads Strategies

Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords) is the world's largest paid ads platform.


When you advertise through Google Ads, your company will be highlighted in Google's search results and achieve visibility among potential customers, looking for your services or products.

Stiftere holder styr på SEO projekterne

Google Ads Yield Results from day 1

thomas med fiskestang

How a Partnership with Morningtrain Begins

There is always a clear journey planned when we begin a Google Ads collaboration together. In the beginning we will take a look at your current Google Ad campaigns (if you have any), and we analyze how optimized your current setup is.

Through a close dialogue with you, we identify the right strategy and the conversion goals for your Google Ads effort.

Afterwards, we begin the technical setup, where we execute on the agreed strategy and handle the ongoing maintenance of the Google Ad campaigns in close dialogue with you.

During the collaboration, we brief you with monthly status reports, so you will always know how things are progressing.

Google Ads Package Deals

Call CMO Thomas at 92 44 93 82 if you are unsure which Package Deal is right for you

5 hours / monthly
Expected increase in visitors
Price per month
4.250 DKK
193% Increased revenue from Google Ads in 1 quarter
8 hours / monthly
Expected increase in visitors
Price per month
6.800 DKK
66% Increase in revenue from Google Ads in 1 year
First Class
16+ hours / monthly
Expected increase in visitors
Price per month
>13.600 DKK
BG Flux
323% Increase in revenue from Google Ads in 1 year

The Journey with Google Ads

Our digital growth journey with Google ads starts with an initial offer followed by an analysis. The execution of tasks then begins, and lastly we conclude with an evaluation and discussion of future optimization possibilities.



The Google Ads Toolbox

Online Advertising
morningtrains stiftere peter og Karsten
Online Advertising

"The communication with
Morningtrain is easy
and positive. They are fast
at recognizing our needs
and offer efficient

daniel fra cookiebot er glad for Morningtrain

Daniel Johannsen

Founder at Cookiebot
5 out of 5 stars


More clicks


Increased conversionrate


Reduced conversion cost

Nordic Google Ads Specialists

When you work with Morningtrain, you will always work with our inhouse Nordic specialists. We never outsource.

You will get a dedicated project manager, whom you can always get in touch with regarding questions or new ideas.

Core Google Ads tasks

thomas fra SEO bureauet Morningtrain spreder dit SEO budskab

Classes in Google Ads Strategies

Learn to do Google Ads Yourself and Become an Expert

Morningtrain teaches Google Ads classes to companies, who would like to be thoroughly taught how to use the Google Ads platform.


You will learn the different functions, settings and how to utilize them in order to create growth, so you can maintain Google Ads tasks yourself.


Let our experts teach you how to become one. Reach out to hear how we can tailor a specific class course for your company.

"After just 2 personal workshops, I feel so confident in Google ads that I can handle the daily maintenance of the Google ads account myself. My two contacts in Morningtrain are both technical specialists, and yet they are able to communicate at a level, where I get what they are saying, and most importantly let me control the mouse and keyboard at the workshops."

5 / 5

Louise testimonial billed

Louise Lyngsø Kjærulff

Social Media Manager, HUSET Middelfart

3 Important Google Ads Considerations


Do you want help with your Google Ads Optimization?

We have helped many companies in different industries to grow their customer base by optimizing their Google Ads. Would you like us to do the same for your business? Feel free to call or write our CMO, Thomas, to have an initial talk about your business goals with Google Ads, and you're also welcome to come by our office. Great coffee and no strings attached.

Google Ads optimization
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