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    Inbound marketing agency specializing in lead generation

    Cost-efficient lead generation that scales your company

    Our job is to work holistically with your marketing and guide you in the right direction, for you to get the most from your marketing expenses.


    We have specialized in B2B and B2C lead generation, and we have even developed a framework for it called Morningtrack™.

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    What is inbound marketing?

    Inbound marketing is an indirect marketing strategy where you attract possibilities for a sale via content-driven marketing and marketing automation software.


    The strategy includes for instance search engine optimization, setting up blogs and setting up e-mail lists. In short it revolves around being where potential customers seek information. That way you can educate the users and create relations that lead to sale.

    This strategy can both be applied to B2C and B2B.

    Vores webbureau på Fyn er i gang med at skabe kreative webløsninger

    Push vs. pull marketing

    What is the advantage of working with inbound marketing (rather than outbound)?

    Classic outbound marketing (push) focuses on getting your message to as large a group as possible – and hoping that some of them will notice you. Your advertising is unsolicited, and there is a certain risk that you are wasting your marketing budget. However, there may be value to be gained if you are aiming to create awareness for  your brand or product.


    With inbound marketing (pull) you are focusing on reaching your potential customers when they have been actively searching for your product or service. When they do that, they have already come a long way in the buying process – and because they have already shown their interest, you just have to convince them to choose you rather than your competitor.

    At the same time, it is important to be aware that inbound marketing can have several touchpoints in the customer journey – start, during and end.

    Price examples for initiating an online marketing process

    Contact our business developer Mathias Mide on 30 14 88 38, if you have questions about the various marketing efforts.

    Project requirement phase

    Setting up goals and KPIs
    Market analysis
    Potential Low hanging fruit etc.
    Elaboration of strategy
    Economy for strategy implementation
    Price from:
    19.000 kr.
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    this solution?

    PPC Pilot Project [Intro]

    Keyword analysis
    Market definition
    Setting up campaign structure
    Lead-tracking via Morningtrack™
    Monthly review of leads
    Monthly optimization of 5-6 campaigns
    Price per month:
    5.950-7.600 kr.
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    this solution?

    SEO-strategy [intro]

    Keyword analysis
    Keyword mapping
    Link analysis
    Onsite SEO analysis
    Preparation of sitemap
    Wireframe within optimal information structure
    6-12 month plan incl. estimated results
    Price from:
    14.250 kr.
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    this solution?
    Morningtrain digital solutions

    “Hats off to Morningtrain. So far it is the only agency I have met with a real business understanding. We used their programming, design and performance marketing services. All three were done with a holistic approach to the company.”

    Jonas Steen - Forretningsudvikler v. Gul & Gratis

    Jonas Steen

    Business developer at Gul & Gratis
    5 out of 5 stars


    More visitors


    More Facebook users

    Take control of your customer data

    Marketing analytics and reporting

    Inbound marketing is largely data driven, and you should be able to follow all your leads through their buying journey from the first conversion to them being your customer. You should also be able to see which sub-elements of your marketing activities play a significant role in the customer’s journey.

    To get realistic and actual, usable data it is important to look at your marketing attribution and how it is set up, for you to get as much as possible from your data.

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    The inbound marketing toolbox

    Frequently requested services


    Content marketing

    Content marketing is about approaching your marketing in a holistic way with the purpose of satisfying the needs of your visitors or customers. In short, it revolves around building relations with potential customers. With content marketing you have to provide valuable information for your target group, mature them and equip them for a purchase.

    SEO & SEM

    If inbound marketing is about being available when people are searching for help, then of course it is a prerequisite that you appear in the search results. It is therefor essential that your SEO or SEM is under control, as it can become your most effective inbound-effort – if the job is done right.

    SoMe marketing

    Great SoMe marketing consists of multiple aspects. It revolves around making good content and activity on social media, which will generate traffic to your website. With relevant content and a strong presence on social media you have an opportunity to gain reputation as a “thought leader” – meaning a specialized authority whose expertise is sought and often rewarded.

    Scale your potential

    Increase the effect of your marketing activities

    Omnichannel marketing

    Omnichannel marketing is the ultimate delivery of an integrated and personalized customer experience.


    It is however not a necessity in inbound marketing, but it helps creating a coherence between your activities on the different medias.


    If the consumer feels like they are met with the same expression regardless of the platform it helps strengthen their trust in your brand.

    E-mail marketing

    E-mail marketing is basically used in two ways in inbound marketing. On one hand you can use it to nurture your leads by sending e-mails promoting content that matches their stage in the buyer journey. This way they are guided at making a purchasing decision.


    On the other hand, you can use it to send out newsletters. The essential thing here is that your target group signs up for it themselves because they are interested in keeping up with the latest news from your company.


    A “one-in-all” marketing platform

    Google as an inbound marketing channel

    Google can accommodate pretty much all the different aspects of a marketing mix.
    SEO is exclusively inbound, Google Ads can vary in purpose and be both inbound and outbound, and functions like Google display ads are solely outbound.

    It is therefore always important to assess how and what your marketing setup should focus on when choosing channels and functions, because the options and combinations are endless.


    You can read more about our way of working with the different channels here:

    Holistic marketing

    How we work with inbound


    Want us to assess your next marketing project?

    If inbound marketing is going to be the next part of your marketing adventure, then we would very much like to join you on the journey.

    We are looking forward to hearing from you.

    Inbound Marketing
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