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    Link building agency

    Link building is one of the most Important SEO disciplines

    Links to your website are extremely important, as Google uses them to estimate how relevant your website is, and decides how high your website should rank.

    Stiftere holder styr på SEO projekterne

    Link building is similar to social recognition

    solidt team med overblik på hele din rejse

    How we build links

    An efficient and productive link building effort demands on three important steps; Analysis, execution, and follow-up.


    In the initial analysis phase, we map your current situation and your closest competitors to assess which strategy will be the most rewarding.


    When the strategy is in place, the execution phase kicks in. This phase is all about finding the right mix of relevant, regular and strong links for your website within your budget.


    When the execution phase is done, we proceed to the follow-up phase, where we make sure that we've got the links we've worked for and monitor your progress on Google.


    We then plan the next phase together and find new keyword rankings to conquer.

    Efficient link building tasks

    Competitor analysis

    Your competitors' link profiles will be investigated, and we analyze links to their website to get inspiration for new link building options.



    Our link building experts have built a huge network of media websites, niche websites and big blogs, which help us get you very relevant links.

    Link profile

    We focus a lot on creating natural-looking link profiles for our customers, so they have many different types of links leading to their website.

    Link building
    morningtrains stiftere peter og Karsten
    Link building

    "There is a strong will and ability

    to make the yields of our

    SEO investment clear"

    claus fra bloomit er glad

    Claus Lethenborg

    Indehaver Bloomit ApS
    5 out of 5 stars


    More organic visitors


    Increased online revenue

    Link building package deals

    Call Mathias at 30 14 88 38, if you would like to discuss link building with us.

    The small one
    What you get:
    We will build 2 links to your website monthly
    We provide 3 link suggestions you can do yourself
    We guide you how to get the link suggestions
    All our link suggestions are free and only take your time
    Alle links are do-follow
    No splogs or spamlinks
    You can always call our link building specialist
    From 1.999 DKK. pr/md
    The popular one
    What you get:
    We will build 3-5 links to your website monthly
    Analysis of your current link profile
    Surveillance of lost links
    We monitor your competitors' links and provide you with intel
    Feedback and ongoing link building strategy
    We suggest new links for you to build monthly
    You can always call our link building specialist
    From 4.250 DKK. pr/md
    The big one
    What you get:
    We will provide 6+ links to your website monthly
    All quality links come from strong domains
    We suggest new links for you to build monthly
    Including 500 words quality articles (written by our inhouse content writer)
    We help you selecting the right anchor texts
    We help you with defining the overall strategy
    You can always call our link building specialist
    From 12.499 DKK. pr/md
    thomas arbejder med tekstoptimering i SEO bureauet i Odense

    Danish link building agency

    Looking for Nordic link building specialists? When we help you with link building, it is always our inhouse team that gets the job done. The team is located at our HQ in Denmark. You will get your own dedicated project manager, who will make sure to keep you updated.


    As a link building agency, we know how important trust, direct communication, and transparency is for a solid partnership.

    3 important considerations when it comes to link building


    Want to hear more about the benefits of link building?

    We have assisted many different companies with conquering important Google rankings with solid link building strategies. Do you also want to conquer your important rankings?

    Call or write Digital business developer, Mathias, if you would like to talk about your specific case and hear Thomas' recommendations.

    No strings attached!

    Link building eng.
    Contact Mathias Mide