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Linkedin Ads

Linkedin ads are a pretty efficient way to advertise towards B2B, generate leads or find the right employees.


Compared to Facebook, Linkedin is however quite expensive. Learn whether Linkedin ads are the right marketing channel for you.

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Linkedin Ads vs. Facebook Ads

We've met many Companies that Thought they Needed Linkedin Ads but Ended up Choosing Facebook Ads

Sometimes it also works the other way around, but it is rare. The reason is that Facebook in 2019 is significantly more competitive on several metrics than Linkedin.

However, sometimes there are cases, where Linked in is the better choice -->

If you have a narrow B2B audience that is not on Facebook

If you use Linkedin Ads to attract specific employee profiles
thomas arbejder med tekstoptimering i SEO bureauet i Odense

How we work with Linkedin Ads

First, we will challenge whether Linkedin is the right marketing channel for you when compared with Facebook Ads or Google Ads.

If your goals are actually best suited to Linkedin, such as attracting very specific employee profiles, we will identify exactly those target audiences.


We then set up well-structured campaigns and assist with creating engaging messages for the Linkedin ads.


Then we launch the campaign and optimize it on a regular basis while reporting the results back to you.

Linkedin Ads step-by-step

The Typical Tasks in Linkedin Ads

thomas fra SEO bureauet Morningtrain spreder dit SEO budskab
Linkedin Classes

Do you want to do Linkedin Ads Yourself?

If you would like to do Linkedin Ads on behalf of your company, we can teach you at a workshop.


We do custom workshops for companies who want to teach one or more employees how to do Linkedin Ads. We have both beginner and advanced classes.

Give us a call if you want to hear more.

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Nordic Linkedin Ads Specialists

If you choose to hire us, you will always know the team you're getting. We never outsource and we introduce you to the team from the beginning. That way you will get to know the specialists on our team and you can call or write them directly if you have any questions.

3 Important Linkedin Considerations


Do you want Assistance with your Linkedin Ads?

If you have come this far, Linkedin Ads must be of interest for you. We've helped several companies with Linkedin Ads, and we can also help you. Give our CMO, Thomas, a call if you would like to talk about your business goals with Linkedin Ads.

Linkedin Ads
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