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    Project requirements phase

    Visualize your digital ideas with a prototype

    Get help to ensure that you are working in the right direction with your digital idea or concept.


    The project requirement phase ensures that you think through, sketch and visualize the project before you start developing in the wrong direction.


    Consult with our digital specialists on your idea or concept

    It is completely normal not to know how you get from an idea to a finished digital product. Every day we receive project requirement specifications or wish lists from customers, who would like to get a digital product developed. What 98% of these writings have in common is that they are not made in collaboration with a technical supplier.


    As an IT-supplier we include both the human and the technical aspect into a task description. To us a shopping cart on a website is not just a standard template. Should you be able to use a coupon code, and would you like be able to see related products? Should there possibly be a support solution build-in?


    We help and advise on how you go from early idea to having a finished digital product. Typically, we start with a clarifying project requirements phase, where we discuss what should be in your product. Then we discuss how we get to where the digital solution will create the desired effect.

    Morningtrain digital solutions

    “The collaboration with Morningtrain has been fully satisfactory. They are responsible, thorough, and skilled. I am very pleased with the results they create and the attention I get as a customer.”

    5 / 5

    Ronnie Udesen Dansk Lønsikring

    Ronnie Udesen

    CEO and Founder, Dansk Lønsikring

    Typical prototypes

    Click-through prototype

    A sketched prototype with built in click-functions to emulate a “finished” product.


    Sketching in different levels. It can be both made in hand (LoFi) or close to a finished design (HiFi).

    Lilla ikon med skitse af en webside


    Developed MPV (Minimum Viable Product) to test a functionality or service before you build an entire system.


    Sketches and prototypes help clarify your options

    Did you get a brilliant idea that will revolutionize the way people work in a specific industry? Then the question is how to get your idea tested as soon as possible, to see if it actually works in practice as well. This is where sketching and prototypes come in handy. Get your idea tested and verified before you invest too much in getting your idea converted into a product.


    Today you should no longer make digital products without including knowledge about your users in the process. In the end it is the users of the product, who are the deciding factor in its success. The encounter with reality has taken away the wind beneath the wings from many seemingly good ideas. For that reason, it is important to get your digital product tested by your users as soon as possible.


    Here, sketching and a prototype can help to quickly get a version of the idea prepared and have it tested with the right target group. In addition, sketching allows creativity for the project to develop and take shape on an ongoing basis.

    Examples on prototype price packages

    Contact our business developer Mathias Mide on 30 14 88 38, if you have questions about Morningtrain´s digital solutions

    Project requirement phase Small

    Typically contains:
    Click-through prototype 3-5 pages
    Project scope and budget proposal
    Conclusive meeting
    25-40.000 DKK
    Learn more

    Project requirement phase Medium

    Typically contains:
    Click-through prototype 6-12 pages
    Project scope and budget proposal
    Conclusive meeting
    45-65.000 DKK
    Learn more

    Project requriement phase Large

    Typically contains:
    Click-through prototype 12+ pages
    Project scope and budget proposal
    Conclusive meeting
    75.000+ DKK
    Learn more
    Morningtrain digital solutions

    “Hats off to Morningtrain. So far it is the only agency I have met with a real business understanding. We used their programming, design and performance marketing services. All three were done with a holistic approach to the company.”

    Jonas Steen - Forretningsudvikler v. Gul & Gratis

    Jonas Steen

    Business developer at Gul & Gratis
    5 out of 5 stars

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