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Let a Proven SEO Agency Assist you

SEO converts website traffic into leads 65% better

As an SEO agency, we have several solid cases, and we know exactly what it takes to succeed with SEO. Therefore, we will also tell you whether SEO is not the right decision for your company.


Explore further to see your options.

thomas fra SEO bureauet Morningtrain spreder dit SEO budskab

SEO Agency that does not Always Recommend SEO

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The video is 1 min.

thomas med fiskestang

Your website can become more than a digital business card. Take advantage.

Meet our Chief Marketing Officer, Thomas, who will tell you how his team will turn your website into a lead generator with SEO.

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The video is 1 min.

SEO Packages

Call CMO Thomas at 92 44 93 82 if you want to hear which SEO package could be right for your business.

5 hours / monthly
Expected increase in website visiotors
Price per month
4.250 DKK
12% increase in organic revenue
8 hours / monthly
Expected increase in website visiotors
Price per month
6.800 DKK
Huset Middelfart
41% increase in organic revenue
1. Class
16+ hours / monthly
Expected increase in website visiotors
Price per month
>13.600 DKK
56% increase in organic revenue
SEO Agency
morningtrains stiftere peter og Karsten
SEO Agency

For multiple years we have
worked with Morningtrain.
They have helped us with
SEO and Google Ads.

We have achieved
remarkable results.

claus fra bloomit er glad

Claus Lethenborg

CEO at Bloomit
5 out of 5 stars


More organic visits


Increased online revenue


More orders from mobile and tablet

Our SEO Skillset


Technical Onsite SEO

Good technical SEO is a must-have if you want to make sure that your website or webshop has the right structure to be indexed properly by Google.

Read more about technical SEO


Linkbuilding is a huge part of SEO. As an SEO agency, we do not settle with index links and PBN links, but we also include sponsored quality links with high domain rating and authority.

See more about linkbuilding

SEO Copywriting

Sublime SEO copywriting takes both the user and Google into account. SEO copywriting is characterized by analysis, structure, engaging content and a balanced keyword density.

Learn more of SEO Copywriting
thomas arbejder med tekstoptimering i SEO bureauet i Odense

SEO Partnership Policy

We have a strict SEO partnership policy stating that we won't work with more than 2 clients in the same industry with similar goals and geography.

That ensures you that we do not collaborate with your closest competitors and that you have our full attention.

See our cases

The SEO Journey

Our SEO journey starts with an initial offer. If you accept our offer, we begin with analysis and goal setting. This is followed by strict execution of agreed tasks, which is concluded at a status meeting and then further optimizations are arranged.


Nordic SEO Agency

Let's talk

Do you have a SEO Inquiry?

If you think it sounds interesting to work with us, don't be a stranger. Feel free to give Mathias a call or a mail and tell him about your ideas and goals. If there is good chemistry, we can arrange a meeting with no strings attached.

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