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    SEO agency from Odense

    Get to the top of Google search results

    Search engine optimization converts 65% better than other digital channels. Therefore, there is a lot of competition in being at the top of Google.

    However, a top position is not necessarily the goal with organic search traffic, but rather getting relevant traffic with the highest value.

    We increase the value that our customers get via SEO by an average of 74%.

    Søgemaskineoptimering bureau til kunder fra Odense, København og Aarhus

    SEO agency that focuses on business

    When we handle your SEO, you don't only get a dedicated SEO consultant for the task. On the contrary, we make our entire online marketing team available to you.

    SEO is an interdisciplinary field that requires different competencies to achieve the best result.

    At Morningtrain, we have in-house specialists in technical SEO, link building and content creation. Our skill set means that we have focus on your entire business, so you get the most out of your SEO efforts. This  guarantees that you will increase you ranking in Google - and that you will keep the rank.


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    Our SEO experts have your back

    See how our SEO specialists pave the way of online success for your business.

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    The duration of the video is approx. 1 minute
    Peter og Karsten er i gang med at lave en SEO strategi

    Always custom-made and ambitious search engine optimization

    SEO should be part of your creative online marketing strategy. It requires an SEO agency that follows a thoroughly thought through plan, rather than ready-made packages and limiting workflows.

    Our team consists of ambitious specialists who always think creatively and out of the box. It provides long lasting results and happy customers.

    Start your growth journey

    Deserving of praise

    "I have worked with MorningTrain on several small to medium-sized tasks, mainly in SEO and SEM. I have been greeted by expertise and professionalism every time. Even when I have had to set strict requirements for deadlines, I was assured that deliveries will be made on time. Highly recommendable."

    5 / 5


    Andreas Bøggild Lund

    Executive Assistant hos H.J. Hansen Vin A/S

    Why is SEO crucial for the success of your business Get on the first page - otherwise it does not matter


    Search results on page 1

    The human brain is lazy whether we want to admit it or not. Therefore, most people only look at the first page when they are searching for something - Only around 25% look at results on page 2.


    First place

    And even more people are looking only at the first few results that Google shows them.

    The first place gets approx. 33% of all traffic, second place gets approx. 15%, and third place approx. 9%.



    Therefore, it is important for your traffic (and business) that you are at least on page 1 of the search engine. From there you can climb up the ladder.

    The higher you get on the results page, the more traffic your website gets and the greater your chance of converting.

    Det tager tid indtil man kan se resultaterne af optimeringen

    How long does it take before you can see results with SEO?

    Too many people make the mistake of thinking that SEO is something that can be fixed in 14 days. But SEO is an ongoing process that only bears fruit after many months of great effort and cannot be resolved over a few weeks.


    Depending on your situation, you may see a few improvements after 3 months. But the really great results, you can only see and feel after 6, 12 or maybe even 18 months.


    Thorough SEO work requires time and patience if you want your website or webshop to reach the top of Google search results.

    Therefore, as a customer, you should steer clear of SEO companies that promise quick results. Every professional SEO agency knows that SEO takes time.

    If you are interested in marketing your business in the short term, but with a quick effect, then we recommend that you use Google Ads instead of SEO.

    Why hire an SEO agency?

    With us, there is no such thing as "one size fits all"

    SEO package solutions that match your business objectives perfectly

    Contact our Digital business developer Mathias at 30 14 88 38 if you would like to discuss things further or have questions about which solution is right for your business.

    Get started
    You get:
    Expected increase in visitor number by 10-20%
    SEO and competitor analysis
    Keyword analysis and optimization of 1-3 keywords
    We build 2 links to your site every month
    Technical SEO errors are solved (1-3 every month)
    You stay in close contact with your SEO specialist throughout the process and receive reports every month
    We expect you to contribute with 40%
    You write all new content with our guidance
    You are responsible for setting up new subpages
    We guide you on how to fix easier SEO errors
    Price per. month
    4.000 DKK
    Get your return increased
    You get:
    Expected increase in visitor number by 30-40%
    SEO and competitor analysis
    Keyword analysis and optimization of 4-8 keywords
    We build 3-5 links to your site every month
    Technical SEO errors are solved (5-10 every month)
    You stay in close contact with your SEO specialist throughout the process and receive reports every month
    We expect you to contribute with 20%
    You write some of the new content under our guidance
    We set up new subpages
    Price per. month
    6.800 DKK
    Go all the way
    You get:
    Expected increase in visitor number by 50-70%
    SEO and competitor analysis
    Keyword analysis and optimization of 10-20 keywords
    We build 6+ high-quality links every month
    Technical SEO errors are solved (20-50 every month)
    You stay in close contact with your SEO specialist and receive monthly reports
    We expect you to contribute with 10%
    We write all new SEO optimized content
    We set up all new subpages
    You approve all new optimized content
    Price per. month
    >13.600 DKK

    Unsure which package to choose?

    We will be happy to guide you through choosing the package best suited to your business or create an SEO strategy tailored to your needs.

    How we work with SEO in 3 phases: Analysis, Implementation and Reflection

    A continuous learning process

    How we work

    What we do in praxis

    Optimization, optimization, optimization

    Once we have performed a keyword analysis based on your website content and business niche, we can begin the optimization phase.

    It consists of 3 additional steps; Content optimization, Technical optimization and Link building.

    Read below and get a better understanding of what an SEO effort entails.

    Keyword Analysis

    Content optimization

    Technical Optimization

    Link Building
    Thomas fisker op de mest effektive søgeord som matcher content med søgeintention

    Keyword analysis

    A good foundation is crucial whether you want to build a house or optimize your website for search engines. Keyword analysis is part of the strategic preparation that cannot be bypassed if a structured and targeted SEO effort is to be launched. The analysis is the starting point on which SEO optimization is based.

    In the keyword analysis, we identify which keywords your customers use when searching for your product or service.

    Read more about how to find the right keywords yourself

    Search intent

    Think like your users

    Vores SEO team tænker på købprocessen mens de laver søgeordsanalysen

    Buyer keywords convert better

    When we do a keyword analysis, we also think about if they are keywords that show buyer intent. By buyer keyword we mean that people use different keywords depending on how far along they are in their buying process.


    A user searching for "car" is not necessarily interested in buying a car. Maybe he's just looking for a picture of a car. However, if a user searches for "Buy Silver Fiat Panda", it is immediately more likely that the user is considering buying a silver Fiat Panda.


    Buyer keywords often consist of several words. The further into the buying process the user is, the more specific the user is about what he is looking for because he knows what he wants. By including buyer keywords in your SEO strategy, we increase your chances of getting more conversion and more orders.

    Content optimization

    The purpose of content optimization is twofold. When your content is optimized and attractive to your visitors, you create value for them. If they like your content, they are more likely to stay on your website for longer and go through your various subpages. In addition, they will also tend to return for updates and more content.

    Google will notice that your page gets a steady stream of returning visitors and that the new visitors stay on your site for a long time. Google sees this as a sign that your site is relevant and it is rewarded in the search results.

    When we optimize your content, we only think about giving your visitors the best experience and a better experience than your competitors.

    Naturlig optimering af content med brugeren i fokus

    Best practice in text optimization

    One of the most difficult parts of content optimization is the optimization of texts on a website.


    Google scans your website's text to find out what the website is about. In order to keyword optimize one's website, there should be a match between the words used in the texts and the search terms chosen to focus on. However, many amateurs believe that adding as many search terms as possible to their texts on the website will give them a higher ranking.


    Google, on the other hand, is far from a stupid machine and quickly sees through this as spam, which in turn has a negative effect on your ranks. At the same time, this practice disrupts the reading flow, resulting in a poor user experience.


    Our job is to do a natural text optimization. We make sure that headings and signatures, URLs, image names, alt texts, page titles and meta descriptions are also optimized.


    Start your growth journey




    A successful SEO effort often requires new or more copy on your website. This causes problems for companies as they either do not have time for this, cannot manage it or do not know how to write catchy content that provides value to the reader and at the same time contains the relevant search terms.


    That is why we offer copywriting for SEO as a service. We have content creators who specialize in copywriting and who are guaranteed to deliver texts that are both written with a fresh perspective, optimized and relevant to your visitors.


    This service can be combined with setting up a new subpage, link building or new blog posts.


    If you want to create the greatest possible effect, we can at the same time make the content appealing by developing infographics or other visual material to support your new optimized copy.

    Vores tysk SEO specialist hjælper med tysk SEO

    Are you dreaming of expanding to the German market?

    Do you want to enter the digital market in Germany but are in doubt about how to get started?

    We offer German SEO to open the door to the lucrative German market and at the same time put you ahead of the competition.

    Technical search engine optimization

    Technical SEO is about optimizing factors that are related to the coding of the site.

    Here, work is done on the underlying functions of a website, which are not immediately apparent to the visitor, but which in fact have a great influence on the page's performance.

    Speed wins the ranks

    Website speed optimization

    Optimering af mobilvenlighed er en del af vores arbejde med teknisk SEO

    58% of all searches are done on mobile

    Mobile optimization: Mobile first

    When working with SEO, mobile friendliness is at the top of technical optimization.

    Your customers use their smartphones for many tasks, including information retrieval and therefore there are also requirements for the websites' mobile friendliness.

    If your website is not coded to be displayed on mobile devices, your website is not mobile friendly either.

    SEO bureau Morningtrains samarbejdspolitik

    Our exclusivity policy

    At Morningtrain, we have a exclusivity policy, which states that we work with a maximum of 2 customers in the same industry and geographical location at a time.

    This is your guarantee that we do not cooperate with your competitors and that you get our full focus.

    SEO is never done


    Would you like to hear more about how we can help you with SEO?

    If you think that our cases and approach to digital paid ads sounds exciting, our Digital Business Developer Mathias would like to talk with you.

    You can call, write or meet him in person - no strings attached.

    SEO agency – link building and contact
    Contact Mathias Mide