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    SEO agency from Odense with focus on B2B and B2C lead generation

    Unleash your business potential in Google

    The leading companies know that SEO should be at the center of their lead generation. It is exceptionally cost-effective and efficient.


    However, SEO requires patience and a clear strategy. Without these, there is a risk the effort being wasted.


    We work exclusively with companies that understand the long-term business potential of SEO and that understand that SEO is not a quick-fix.

    SEO-bureau i Odense med fokus på B2B og B2C lead-generering

    Why choose us to handle your SEO?

    SEO agency specializing in quality focused lead generation

    SEO-samarbejde med Morningtrain starter med et langsigtig strategi

    The SEO agency without a quick-fix solution

    How to start an SEO collaboration with Morningtrain

    Today, SEO is no longer just about content and links. SEO is today a very broad digital marketing channel with many necessary focus points. We have to optimize everything from content and UX, to information and code structure.


    Therefore, we recommend that you start by developing an SEO strategy. An SEO strategy is a thorough analysis of your business, your market and the commercial potential. With the strategy we make a plan for the next 6-12 months and estimate the business output.

    View prices

    SEO solutions adapted to your company

    Contact our business developer Mathias Mide at 30 14 88 38 if you have questions about Morningtrain's SEO solutions.

    SEO strategy (here you start)

    Keyword analysis
    Keyword mapping
    Competitor and market analysis
    Link analysis
    Onsite SEO analysis
    Preparation of sitemap
    Wireframe of the optimal site structure
    6-12 month plan incl. estimated results
    Price from
    14.250 kr.

    Classic SEO course

    Optimization of 5-12 keywords
    Content optimization of 4-6 landing pages
    Onsite optimization of landing pages
    Sitemap implementation
    Optimization of page structure
    Internal linking to landing pages
    3-5 high quality backlinks per. md.
    Lead tracking via Morningtrack™
    Price per month
    8.000–17.500 kr.

    All-in SEO course

    Everything from "Classic SEO course"
    Optimization of 12+ keywords
    Content optimization of all necessary landing pages
    Implementation of topic cluster strategy
    Top funnel SEO on the blog
    Minimum 6 high quality backlinks per. md.
    Lead tracking via Morningtrack™
    Price per month
    >18.000 kr.
    vores specialister får kortlagt værdien af dine nye kunder er både på kort og langsigt

    We help you realize the long term value of your SEO efforts

    The potential and fruits of your SEO efforts show up at the earliest after 9-12 months, and after 12-24 months, it commercially starts to really show its full effect.


    SEO is a discipline that requires several different competencies within technical SEO, link building, content and strategy - and they must all work in harmony.

    It takes time to find the right keywords for your business and then beat the competitors that are already underway.


    With the Morningtrack framework at hand, our SEO specialists ensure that the effect of SEO on your business is clear. In addition, our specialists can map the value of your new customers in both  short and long term - known as customer lifetime value. That way, you always have insight into whether your investment in SEO is bearing fruit.

    Our SEO process which creates business for you

    When we work with SEO, we always follow the laid out SEO strategy, which is based on an agile process, where we divide the project into smaller sprints. Each sprint has several clear objectives such as specific keywords, focus areas and expected result.

    After each sprint, we evaluate the result and assess whether we need to make changes to the overall strategy before starting the next sprint. In this way, we make you more relevant in the eyes of the search engines - at a thorough - but also effective pace.

    Morningtrain's SEO process consists of the first meeting, analysis phase, optimization phase and reflection phase

    Key tasks in search engine optimization

    Anmeldelse af morningtrains kunde ITW GSE

    "Working with Morningtrain is easy because they are always honest with us when we talk about big or small projects.

    Our collaboration includes both web and marketing, and both departments are versed in explaining technical issues and opportunities in an understandable way."

    Billed af Anna Dyg Ernst, Digital Marketing Manager hos ITW GSE

    Anna Dyg Ernst

    Digital Marketing Manager, ITW GSE
    5 out of 5 stars


    Lower bounce rate


    Increased conversion rate


    Increased profit from SEO

    Smooth search engine optimization

    Prioritize speed and mobile first

    Mobile optimization is often overlooked in B2B lead generation because most B2B companies' traffic comes from desktops / regular PCs.

    The challenge lies in the fact that Google crawls only the mobile version of a website. This means that Google's overall rating of your website is 100% based on the mobile version.

    For that reason alone, you need to keep track of whether the user experience is good on the mobile.

    In addition, all the recent Google updates have included a sharpened focus on speed. And that's because the users demand it. Speed ​​therefore not only increases rankings, but also conversion rates.


    Det tager tid indtil man kan se resultaterne af optimeringen

    How long does it take to get results with SEO?

    Depending on your situation, it is likely that our SEO specialists can create some improvements after 3 months, but the true results you can only be seen after 6, 12 or maybe even 18 months.


    If you are in the market to get your lead generation going in the short term and would like to increase customer inquiries right away, we recommend that you start with Google Ads instead. The data from a Google Ads campaign can subsequently be translated into a successful SEO strategy, since it can provide you with terms that drive the most conversions.

    Frequently requested SEO methods

    Want to know more about SEO strategies?

    Contact us
    SEO strategi ikoner

    Formation of a

    SEO strategy

    You get:

    • A clear direction
    • A prioritized list of tasks
    • A map of the expected output

    Want to know more about content optimization?

    Read more
    Inholdsoptimering ikon

    Execution of

    Content optimization

    You get:

    • Reader-friendly texts
    • Texts that Google understands
    • Ensuring that you match the user's intention

    Want to know more about website structure?

    Contact us
    Website struktur ikon

    Execution of

    Website structure

    You get:

    • An intuitive navigation
    • Internal links
    • A manageable website

    Want to know more about speed optimization?

    Contact us
    hastighedsoptimering ikon

    Execution of

    Speed optimization

    You get:

    • Lower bounce rate
    • A boost in rankings
    • Increased conversion rate

    Want to know more about link building?

    Read more
    linkbuilding ikon

    Execution of

    Link building

    You get:

    • A more credible website
    • Increase in traffic from other websites
    • Easier ranking on keywords in the future

    Want to know more about onsite SEO?

    Contact us
    OnSite SEO ikon

    Execution of


    You get:

    • Minimal viable product
    • Core functionalities
    • Outline of future phases

    Want to know more about conversion optimization?

    Contact us
    CRO ikon

    Execution of


    You get:

    • More leads out of your traffic
    • Increased relevance in Google
    • Fulfilled commercial potential

    Want to know more about mobile optimization?

    Contact us
    Mobiloptimering ikon

    Execution of

    Mobile optimization

    You get:

    • More out of your mobile traffic
    • A general boost in rankings
    • The best cross-device experience

      Bliv kontaktet

      Morningtrains SEO specialister rådgiver og støtter sine kunder

      The co-creation possibilities of an SEO collaboration

      Can you handle parts of the SEO work yourself?

      Yes, you certainly can. What you can take care of yourself depends on your competencies in your company, and we include this in our strategy.


      Today, the optimal SEO team consists of a designer, a copywriter, a web developer, a link builder, a technical SEO nerd as well as a good strategist. It's not a one-man job anymore.


      This is because Google has gradually incorporated so many data points into their algorithm regarding our online behavior. SEO today is about everything from what you write to how users navigate your website.

      Capture and retain your potential customers' attention with SEO

      • Be accessible to your target audience

        Step 1: Get discovered online

      • Get the user's interest

        Step 2: Get traffic to the website

      • Turn visitors into customers

        Step 3: Qualify your leads

      Step 1: Get discovered online

      The customer journey starts at the top of the sales funnel, where you need to create awareness of your business. Using a content-based SEO strategy that addresses the interests of the customers, you help the potential customers discover that you can solve a problem for them.


      In this way, you help them find your company when they use the search engine to find a solution to their problem.

      Step 2:Get traffic to the website

      The goal of your SEO efforts is to reach the top in the search results for the keywords you want to be found on.


      As a rule of thumb, you can assume that the first place at Google gets approx. 21% of all traffic, while the second place gets approx. 10% and third place approx. 7%.And more than 75% stop the search without clicking on page two, so it is crucial to be visible at the top.

      Step 3:Qualify your leads

      Once you have gained traffic to your website using SEO, then it is up to the website to convert the visitors into customer inquiries. Here working with the user experience and conversion optimization of the website is key.


      We use Morningtrack ™ to evaluate the leads that come through SEO. Here we can see which keywords and landing pages create the relevant leads.

      adwords image

      Play the video

      Duration: 45 seconds

      The SEO agency that has your back

      Watch our SEO specialists fight against Google's algorithm changes, poorly planned SEO efforts and bad user experience.

      Watch the video
      Duration: 45 seconds

      Experts gathered under one roof

      SEO specialists from Odense, Denmark

      When you start an SEO collaboration with Morningtrain, you hire our in-house specialists. You get a permanent contact person, who you can contact at any point during the collaboration, in case you want an overview of your project or have questions.

      We never outsource the collaboration.


      Would you like to hear how we can help you with SEO?

      Contact our digital business developer Mathias by clicking the button below, and have a non-binding talk about what SEO can do for your business.

      SEO Agency Morningtrain
      Contact Mathias Mide