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    SoMe marketing

    We help you generate revenue

    SoMe marketing is a great opportunity for you who wants to reach your online audience.

    We provide competent advice that guarantees growth.

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    Why SoMe?

    SoMe marketing is both an intelligent and effective channel


    SoMe marketing experts from Denmark

    Specialists in effective social media marketing

    The prerequisites for good SoMe marketing vary from media to media. It is a complex discipline that is about selecting target groups and platforms, technical profile setting and development of relevant content that interests and engages your customers.

    At Morningtrain, we are experts in social media marketing, and our specialists are always ready to answer your questions, give you the best strategic advice imaginable and show you #theroadtogrowth.

    Organic SoMe

    Increase your company's fanbase with an organic SoMe effort

    Morningtrain's SEO process consists of the first meeting, analysis phase, optimization phase and reflection phase

    Our SoMe marketing skillset


    Our copywriters write texts that are relatable and engaging for your target audience, so you have an edge on social media.

    Graphic material

    We can handle all the graphic material - but we can also advise you on how to create the right visual expression with photos and videos.

    Content plan

    Let us make a content plan for your social media and make sure to share engaging content on the best channels with just the right timing.



    We take care of your social media marketing with all that entails, so you can focus 100% on running your business.

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    Advertising on social media

    When working with SoMe advertising, first and foremost, keep track of your goals. Once you know the purpose of the advertisement, you can choose the channel that most effectively hits exactly your target audience.


    Social media can be your key to creating effective marketing campaigns that maintain the space in the minds of your potential customers that you have already secured once they have shown interest in your business. The advertising options on the various platforms allow you to target people who have already visited your website or interacted with your SoMe content.

    Do you already have an idea of ​​the goal of your SoMe advertising?

    • I want a

      Strong brand awareness

    • I want to get

      High quality leads

    • I want to get

      Traffic to the website

    Be relevant and active

    Increase your overall visibility and strengthen awareness of your brand by choosing the platform where your target audience is most active. Match the content of your ads with the interests of your potential customers so they can see the value in following your business online. And do not forget the importance of constantly being active so that your brand does not slip out of the consciousness of your target audience once you have caught their attention.

    Do you work B2C or B2B?

    If your focus is on B2C marketing, there are many great platforms to advertise on, including Facebook and Instagram.

    If you are primarily targeting the B2B segment, it is obvious to advertise on LinkedIn. Here you get a number of good targeting options based on geographical location, age, education, experience, job title and much more, so you can target your advertising quite accurately.

    Focus on remarketing

    Social media can be an effective appetizer for potential customers, no matter what type of products or services your business deals with. Think of your SoMe ads as a store window where you can exhibit the items you offer in your store. If your store window looks attractive (and by the way faces the street where exactly your target audience passes by during the day) you can capture their interest and draw them to your website.

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    Choose the SoMe channel that suits your business

    Are you in doubt about which social media to market your business on? In that case, you are not alone - the possibilities are many.


    To be successful with social media marketing, it is important that you know your customers. What platform are they present on? What are they interested in? How do they prefer to interact with your business?


    We help you lay out a strategy and subsequently collaborate on the execution.


    Below you can read more about the various social media that we can help you advertise on.

    Which SoMe channel should I choose?

    A channel for every purpose

    Facebook annoncering


    Facebook advertising is one of the most cost effective marketing channels you can find. If you want to hit specific audiences based on demographics and interests, Facebook is a great choice.

    Read more about Facebook advertising
    LinkedIn annoncering


    Compared to Facebook, LinkedIn can be an expensive advertising channel, but if you work with B2B, the ROI of your marketing efforts may also very well prove to be higher.

    Read more about LinkedIn advertising


    YouTube ads give you a unique opportunity to reach potential customers as they watch or search for videos on YouTube. You only pay when someone shows interest in your content.

    Contact us


    With advertising on Instagram, you can use images and creative design to sell your product and increase awareness of your business. The platform is especially suitable if your product has good aesthetic qualities.

    Contact us


    On Pinterest, you can reach a specific audience that uses the platform to find inspiration and new ideas. This platform can often be relevant if your business is primarily aimed at women.

    Contact us

    Other social media

    We have experience with several of the lesser known platforms, including Snapchat, Tiktok and Reddit. Let us help you find the type of SoMe advertising that best suits you and your business.

    Contact us

    Solutions made by specialists

    With us, you get expertise rather than advertising packages


    Do you want results on social media?

    If you want to focus on social media marketing and give your business more visibility online, we'd love to help you get started.

    Give Mathias a call and have a non-binding talk about the possibilities.

    SoMe Marketing
    Contact Mathias Mide