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    Technical onsite SEO

    The main purpose of technical onsite SEO is to ensure that Google indexes and understands your website optimally. Technical SEO has 3 important components: "indexing", "user experience" and "tags that increase Google's understanding of your website".

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    Technical onsite SEO is about Google's ability to understand your website


    How we do technical onsite SEO

    We always begin our technical onsite SEO with a thorough analysis of your website, where we map the technical errors and find the needed improvements. We then make an action plan, where we handle the errors that have the highest impact on your keyword rankings first. Our assessment is based on our experience and findings from other established agencies.


    We might not necessarily recommend fixing all of the mistakes that affect your keywords rankings, as we only recommend SEO tasks that will improve your Google ranking significantly.


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    What comes under technical SEO?

    The primary technical SEO tasks


    Google uses HTML-tags to collect extra information about a landing page. We ensure that the right tags are placed the right places. Examples of tags include page titles, meta descriptions, alt-texts (pictures), h-tags (headlines), etc.

    Structured data

    By using Schema Markup, also known as structured data, we mark the information bits on the landing page that are the most important. Structured data can also be used to display rich snippets in the search results, where your potential website visitors can read the most important information when they are looking for your services.

    Internal linking and menu structure

    We always make sure that your website has an optimal internal linking and menu structure so Google understands which parts of your website are the most important. With that understanding, Google can optimize the content you want to show to your website’s visitors.

    Indexing, language and boilerplate content

    With technical SEO you are in charge of what Google indexes. You can etc. easily signal where an English, French or German version of a specific document is.

    Morningtrain digital solutions

    “Very competent at meeting our needs – also the needs that we only first discovered during the course of the project.”

    Jannik Meier Sørnesen, CMO hos WeCoverYou

    Jannik Meier Sørensen

    CMO at WeCoverYou
    5 out of 5 stars


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    Technical SEO from Odense, Denmark

    All our technical SEO specialists are gathered under one roof at our HQ in Odense, Denmark. You always know who is working on your project, and you get a dedicated contact person. That way you can always get in touch with the team during the process.


    Avoid loosing your traffic with a website/webshop relaunch

    Today, we see many re-launches of websites and webshops that end horribly, as they lose most of their organic traffic after the website launch.

    It occurs because many web-designers and web-developers are not familiar with technical SEO, but only know how to develop a pretty website.


    A website that does not include correctly implemented technical SEO could potentially cost you 90% of your organic website traffic, especially if Google stops ranking your important product/services.

    We have saved many large companies from massive yearly revenue losses due to loss of rankings by assisting them in the critical phases before website launch.

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    3 important technical SEO tips


    Would you like assistance with technical SEO?

    We do technical onsite SEO for all of our SEO clients, but we always have room for one more.

    Our digital business developer Mathias can help you see what benefits you could expect from technical SEO.

    We look forward to hearing from you!

    Technical Onsite SEO
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