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    UX Design

    Strategy and execution of cutting-edge user journeys on digital platforms

    A user-centered focus is a “must” on digital platforms today. Whether your product will be a success is dictated by the users’ choices on your website.


    Therefor you need to be on point at navigating these choices in your favor.

    Morningtrain design bureau fra Odense har erfaring med stærke design løsninger

    Create a targeted user journey for your product

    We always set up some measurable success criteria when we develop a new digital solution. Do you want 20% more conversions, 10% smaller bounce rate, or perhaps something else? The right success criteria are essential as we need to combine them with your audience’s goals and behavior. In that way we create a platform that matches both the user’s journey and your business goals.


    We typically start with sketching and the creation of personas, which we use to set the right course from the start. If your analysis is not made properly from the beginning, there is a great risk that the audience’s goals are not met or misunderstood. If this happens you will not reach the full potential with your new digital product.

    UX design

    “We took in Morningtrain as our digital agency almost a year ago and have not looked back since! Always quick response and great inputs from the team – this and a sincere interest in our company means that we at any time will recommend Morningtrain.”

    5 / 5

    Carsten Mandalay, Stifter og ejer af BSE

    Carsten Mandalay

    Founder and Owner of BSE

    We work with the following UX methods

    User flows & user stories

    Creation of user flow-charts showing interaction with the product as well as user stories to describe tasks.

    Lilla ikon med skitse af en webside

    User journey

    We use user journey mapping as a method to analyse the needs and wishes of the audience.


    Building a sitemap based on our customers’ success criteria and the needs of their audience.

    Design manual

    Information architecture

    Analysis and structuring the information architecture to match the audience of the digital product.

    Lilla skitse af en indkøbspose, der repræsenterer webshops


    Analysis and creation of personas to make the audience more concrete and work strategically accordingly.

    Usability testing

    Testing of existing solutions through for instance: user tests, neuroscience AI tests and heatmaps.

    Niclas med ipad

    Biometric User Experience Testing

    Neuroscience AI for testing designs

    It´s a common practice nowadays for physical stores to be fully analyzed in a way that gives the storeowner a clear idea of where to place the individual products to generate the most revenue possible.  This empiricism comes, among other things, from data gathered with “eye tracking” technology. By using the eye tracking method, we can gain insight  into the places and products that the customer pays special attention to in the store.


    This method was used to build an AI tool based on neuroscience - and we apply the same method to your online store. We use this tool to scan designs and see which elements attract attention, and how easy the design is to read. These insights are then used to make strategic changes in the designs, which means we are now designing based on data and not on a gut feeling.

    Example on UX price packages

    Contact our business developer Mathias Mide on 30 14 88 38, if you have questions about Morningtrain´s solutions and services.

    Analysis of the current user journey

    Start-up workshop
    Analysis of the current user journey
    Report on findings
    Conclusive meeting
    20-30.000 DKK
    Learn more

    Strategy for a new user journey

    Start-up workshop
    Analysis of audience and optimal user journey
    Report on findings
    Conclusive meeting
    35-45.000 DKK
    Learn more

    Strategy and new design

    Everything from package 2
    Design workshop
    Creation of new design
    Demonstration meeting
    55.000+ DKK
    Learn more
    Morningtrain digital solutions

    “Morningtrain has delivered a high-quality solution with smart and user-friendly functionalities and details. From the get-go, we felt that customer service is a priority for them.”

    Niklas Vohnsen, co-founder af Clevermate

    Niklas Vohnsen

    Co-Founder, CleverMate
    5 out of 5 stars

    Intelligent Bookings Sytem

    Custom Solution

    Intuitive Customer portal

    We are also happy to help with;

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    Custom made

    Web design

    Typically we help with:

    • Cutting-edge web designs
    • Conversion optimization
    • User journey

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    Design manual

    Typically we help with:

    • Fonts, Colors & Pictoral style
    • Stationery
    • Powerpoint templates

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    Visuel identitet


    Visual identity

    Typically we help with:

    • Logo
    • Fonts og Colors
    • Style guide

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    Project requirement phase

    Typically we help with:

    • Workshops
    • Concept development
    • Requirement specification

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    Typically we help with:

    • Sitemap
    • Wireframes
    • Click-through prototypes

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    Online advertising

    typically we help with:

    • Graphic material
    • Ad design
    • Conversion optimization

    Want to know more about Design testing?

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    Usability testing

    Typically we help with:

    • UX review
    • Neuro AI scanning
    • User tests

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    Typically we help with:

    • Digital strategy
    • Advice on digital solutions
    • Concept development

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