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    Visual identity from a recognized digital design agency

    Visual identity from a recognized digital design agency

    A good visual identity is the common thread in your design that communicates your company's DNA.


    This makes your company recognizable and clear to customers, partners, and employees.

    dygtig art director kreativ og kompetent

    How we approach visual identity and design

    Involvement, design sprints, and feedback

    We start with a deep dive into your business case, where we get to know your company better in workshops, down to the vision, mission, and purpose.


    Our digital designers guide you through the process with questions and solutions, so that we work specifically towards creating YOUR new visual identity.


    After our initial meetings, we develop your visual identity, and after your approval, it can be translated into web design, brochures, etc., depending on your needs.

    Peter Brix
    Peter Brix
    Kommerciel Chef
    josephine-grigoriou hover
    Josephine Grigoriou
    Kreativ Strateg
    Emelie Carén
    Emelie Carén
    Art Director
    Jesper Martinussen
    Jesper Martinussen
    Digital Designchef & Partner
    Thomas Dyrehauge
    Senior Art Director
    Thomas Østerkjerhuus
    Thomas Østerkjerhuus
    Adm. direktør og Partner

    Visual identity created by an in-house team

    When you have your visual identity made by Morningtrain, it is always done in collaboration with our in-house strategists and designers.   This ensures that we solve the task on both a strategic and operational level, and you know exactly who will be designing your visual identity in the end.   Meet all our colleagues here

    Tasks within visual identity



    Based on the company's DNA, we create a matching logo

    Colors and fonts

    Based on your DNA, we find colors and fonts that support your identity

    Design manual

    Based on the logo, colors, fonts, etc., a design manual is developed

    Print materials

    The developed design manual can be adapted for brochures and print materials.

    3 important considerations before a new visual identity


    Are you considering a new visual identity for your company?

    Do you think it could be exciting to work with us on your new visual identity? We hope you do!

    Feel free to contact Mathias, no strings attached - we're looking forward to hearing from you.

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