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    March 22, 2023

    What does an online shop cost?

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    Martin Schadegg Brønniche

    Martin Schadegg Brønniche

    Lead Backend developer

    The cost of an online shop depends on your needs. We are often asked about the cost of creating a webshop. The answer is simple, yet not so simple. The reality is that we don’t determine the cost of a webshop, you do.

    A professional webshop is an effective tool to reach your customers and target audience.

    However, when considering expanding your business with an online shop, there may be many thoughts circling around questions such as:

    • What should the webshop look like?
    • What should it be able to do?
    • And last but not least – how much does it cost to create a webshop?

    Morningtrain can answer these questions. The answer is: it depends on your needs.

    Morgan er ved at definere sine behov for sin nye website

    We only deliver custom-made, first-class webshops.

    At Morningtrain, phrases like “one size fits all” are banned. All of our solutions are unique and tailored to address the challenges our clients face.

    We take pride in developing modern, attractive, and functional designs that always start with the client’s business and objectives. We have extensive experience in solving both small and large development tasks, and we are known for delivering solid results for our clients.

    That being said, we understand the significant role that finances play in running a business. Therefore, we have created this blog post to lift the veil on what a webshop costs and what you get for the price.

    What affects the price of a webshop?

    The price range for a webshop varies depending on the needs you and your business have. We have identified seven factors that play a significant role in estimating prices for webshops.

    Below you can read about the seven factors that can make the price of your webshop go up or down.

    Morgan laver vedligehold af sin hjemmeside


    1. Design

    What are your expectations for your webshop design? Do you want a basic design where aesthetics and functionality are kept at a simple level? Or do you want special features, functions, and an appearance that is tailored to your webshop? The more detailed your design is, the higher the price.

    2. Especially checkout flow

    What should your checkout flow look like? Should the purchasing process have more or fewer steps? Do you sell products beyond the norm that require special information before the customer can complete the purchase? A “standard” checkout flow costs less than a unique customized one.

    3. Number of sub-pages in addition to the webshop

    Should your webshop have anything other than product pages? Some webshops have blogs or other informative sub-pages attached to the shop. Many extra pages mean that the price of your shop increases.

    4. Integrations, e.g. with ERP, CRM, and accounting systems

    Should your webshop be connected to other systems such as ERP and CRM systems? Many companies use internal systems to manage and control internal work processes. However, your new webshop does not have to be an outsider, as integrations can get your online store to automatically interact with your other systems. The price of your webshop varies depending on the number of integrations and how complex they are to develop.

    5. Desired payment solution, e.g. invoice, card, cryptocoins, etc.

    How do you want your customers to pay for their goods? Today there are many different payment solutions. For example, you can give your customers the option of paying by invoice and payment card, which are well-known solutions. Cryptocurrency has grown in popularity lately, and therefore consumers can now also trade and pay with bitcoins. The newer and more unknown your chosen payment solution is, the more expensive the webshop price will be, as completely new integrations will need to be developed.

    6. User management, e.g. with user-defined discounts, etc.

    Should certain customers be shown specific prices and discounts? Some B2B companies use price differentiation in their sales work – this can be translated into a technical function on a shop. It is the level of detail in such functions that affects the final price of the webshop. The more detailed and complex, the higher the price.

    7. Freight solution

    How do you want to deliver your customers’ orders? Should your webshop be integrated with the shipping company’s system? If you choose to have an integration for a less well-known shipping system, this will increase the price of your webshop compared to if you choose to integrate with a well-known system.

    Morgan sætter pris på et logo

    The cost of a webshop

    At Morningtrain, we do not work with fixed prices for webshops, partly because our solutions are always tailor-made and customized to the individual customer’s needs.

    However, that being said, we know the typical tasks, and we can give you an estimate of what price range you should expect when choosing us as a supplier of webshop design, integrations, and setup.

    A basic setup of design including the setup of WooCommerce starts at DKK 75,000. However, the price for setting up a webshop and CMS typically ranges from DKK 130,000 to DKK 190,000. See more about our package solutions here.

    The price for integrations, such as ERP, CRM, and accounting systems, as well as payment solutions, starts at approximately DKK 15,000 per piece. Typically, the price for an integration ranges from DKK 25,000 to DKK 100,000 per piece. The average webshop typically needs two to five integrations. See more about integrations here.

    How is the budget being used?

    We know it can seem daunting to guess what and how the budget for an online store is being used. At Morningtrain, we play with open cards because we care about having an open and honest collaboration with our customers.

    Therefore, we have created this overview so you can get an overview of how your money is being used:

    • 10% planning, requirement specification, etc.; Here we look at the upcoming journey that will make you a webshop owner. We plan the entire process and the underlying phases. We also take a closer look at the requirement specifications for your webshop to ensure that you end up with a solution that supports your business 100%, and meets your business goals.
    • 25% design; In the design phase, we create the blueprint for your webshop. We let creativity fly, but always keep in mind that the design should balance perfectly with visual expression and functionality, and that the end product should match your company profile.
    • 50% development, configuration, and design setup; This is where our skilled developers get to work and transform the design and concept into a beautiful and functional webshop. This part is most time-consuming, but all good things come to those who wait!
    • 10% project management; To ensure that your project does not go off the rails, we also allocate resources to project management, so that the process runs as efficiently as possible from start to finish. This is your guarantee that you get the most out of your budget.
    • 5% implementation; At this stage, your webshop is fully developed and ready to take its place on the internet. Here your webshop is implemented, and after it goes live, it can officially receive customers and visitors.

    Why should I invest in an expensive solution?

    Because you save time and money. A good design saves time in daily work, and time is known to be equal to money.

    It is especially the integrations that can increase the price. On the other hand, the integrations ensure that administrative processes are automated, so you do not have to spend time on them – instead, you can use your time on activities that add value to your business.

    We understand that five-figure price ranges can be intimidating, but do not be scared off by the immediate high prices. The large amounts should instead be seen as forward-looking investments in your business.

    The price also reflects the high code quality you get when you choose a professional digital agency to develop your webshop and integrations for you. This is your guarantee that you get a beautiful, well-functioning, and secure online shop.

    But a webshop is never finished What do you mean by that?

    Isn’t it finished when you have it up and running, and my customers can access it?


    Webshop development is never an activity that one is finished with, as it is part of your business. And just as your business must adapt to changes in the market and consumer behavior to survive, your webshop also requires ongoing development to stay alive. Ongoing development and maintenance are part of the operational work that comes with a webshop.

    When you have a webshop, you also need to make it visible to your target audience. A webshop opens the doors to new and more customers, but if they do not know your webshop exists, you will not get any customers in the store. No customers, no conversion.

    With online marketing, you make your webshop readable for search engines. And when search engines can read that you exist and that your products and services are relevant to their users, you increase your chances of attracting visitors. If you want a high ranking on Google and a steady stream of traffic to your shop, we are also happy to help you with your digital efforts.

    In addition, you need to continue investing in hosting for your webshop. A good hosting solution is essential for your web store to function optimally, always be up and running, and be protected against threats.

    Morgan har lavet sin tjekliste til sin webshop

    We hope you have gained a better understanding of what to expect when hiring a professional agency to develop your webshop. Many factors play a role in the price range, and it is not always easy to make sense of what causes the price to rise or fall.

    However, the most important thing is that you get a webshop that supports your business and follows your company’s vision.



    Martin Schadegg Brønniche Lead Backend developer
    Martin Schadegg Brønniche
    Lead Backend developer
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