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Internship at Morningtrain – Odense

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Karsten Madsen

jan 19

Do you have what it takes to work with Morningtrain? We are building web applications for happy clients and help them grow online. So if you want to help build the next big thing, you should consider jumping onboard.

Where is it?

Rugaardsvej 55a, 5000 Odense C. The office has a nice, young and happy atmosphere.

What skills do I need?

Web developer: We build applications for web, mobile and desktop. We do not expect fluency or solid knowledge in all three environments, but PHP and JavaScript knowledge is required. And of course strong knowledge about HTML5 and CSS3 as well. It would be an advantage if you are also able to work in C# or Java. Working knowledge about these systems and frameworks can give you an advantage:

  • Strong PHP skills (Laravel knowledge is a plus)
  • Extensive database experience and knowledge.
  • Experience with JS frameworks like Node.JS or React.JS are a plus.
  • CMS experience like WordPress is a plus


Web designer: We expect that you are good at working with the Adobe package and that you have practical knowledge about HTML and CSS. You need to know how to set up content on websites. You will be working with Open-Source CMS-systems like WordPress – so any knowledge about these is a plus. If you have any programming skills, those can sure be challenged and improved, but we want you to focus on your design.


Who are Morningtrain?

We are a young company who develop websites and applications for cool customers. We also build our own software that we are pushing on the market these days. The local newspaper wrote a bit about us here:

When is the internship?

We open up for internships twice yearly. January and August.

So what now?

If we have caught your interest, you are welcome to apply here for a great experience, as an intern in Denmark.