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    Welcome to Morningtrain A full service digital agency

    With 40+ inhouse digital specialist, Morningtrain can help you achieve your digital potential through programming, creative web design and digital marketing.


    Our HQ is located in Odense, Denmark and we also have offices in Aarhus and Copenhagen.



    Digitalt bureau Morningtrains digitale specialister
    Morningtrain holdet er klar til udvikling af nye digitale projekter

    The road to growth is paved with data

    We are a digital agency that has been developing websites, programming customized systems and providing various companies with digital marketing services for over 10 years.


    Our solutions are developed through a transparent process and with realistic KPIs in mind. But they are also know for being built to be scaled, so that your company's growth is ensured for both short and long term.


    At Morningtrain, digital business development is at the core of every project, which makes our approach very data-driven. This means that we analyze your key metrics before, during and after project development and implementation to make sure we put our efforts in the areas that will give you the highest return on investment.


    "The collaboration with Morningtrain has been very satisfying. They are competent and professional as well as approachable and quick to take action on things."

    5 / 5

    Raunsborgs CEO er en tilfreds kunde hos Morningtrain

    Charlotte Dinnie Jensen

    CEO of Raunsborg ApS

    Strategy consulting

    Lift your business up to new heights with a digital marketing and brand strategy

    It can seem overwhelming taking on your entire company’s marketing strategy on by yourself.

    Therefore, you can consult with our marketing specialists who will help you develop a concrete and executable strategy based on your business.

    Together you will define (among other things) goals, target groups and channels, leaving you with a plan you can instantly act on.


    increase in conversion rates (on avg.)


    increase in revenue from organic channels


    lower acquisition costs per lead


    faster page load (on avg.)

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    Duration ~3 minutes

    Our digital specialists have got your back

    Our digital specialist are storming the digital battlefield and clearing the way for your company's digital growth journey.

    Clear communication is key to cost-effective collaboration

    Your Morningtrain growth journey begins with an offer, where we assess the scope of the project. We then gather all the tools necessary for project start and begin the execution phase, where we carry out what has been agreed. After execution, we follow up with an evaluation, and then continue with ongoing optimization.

    At the start of a collaboration, you have a project manager and contact person assigned to you. The project manager will follow you and your project from start to finish and will continuously report on status and results.

    En blomsterbuket fra Bloomit

    "As a Morningtrain customer, we feel we are always in focus and have their full attention."

    claus fra bloomit er glad

    Claus Lethenborg

    Owner and CEO of Bloomit ApS
    5 out of 5 stars


    Increase in organic traffic


    Increase in online revenue


    More purchases via mobile and tablet


    Our full service digital agency has been working on exciting cases for over 10 years. Our client results speak for themselves.

    Simon viser sin kollega vejen frem

    At Morningtrain, community and professionalism go hand in hand

    We are proud of the unique company culture cultivated by Morningtrain, which is characterized by passion, sincerity, and a hunger to learn and improve as a team.


    In fact, we would go so far as to claim that if our specialists did not work for us, they would still be doing exactly the same thing - just somewhere else.


    Read more about our team and culture 

    "It's amazing to be part of a work environment where you collaborate with highly educated colleagues but are still allowed to give your own input to change and develop working methods in the company. At Morningtrain I can research in the direction where I see a development potential for myself and the company. "

    Simon Hansen

    Head of SEM at Morningtrain

    Your digital journey begins in Odense

    No compromise on quality

    Looking to start a new digital project?

    Let's discuss what's next

    If you like the idea of working with us on your next digital project, then please feel free to reach out.

    Our Digital business developer Mathias will gladly discuss with you how best to achieve your business goals.

    No strings attached.

    Digital agency Morningtrain
    Contact Mathias Mide