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Professional Website Design

The visitors on your website are hard to please

Our websites are created with the purpose of generating leads for your business because we know the behavior of your visitors.


We do not settle for pretty "business card websites".


vi holder styr på deadlines

Web Design: Reboot your website as a lead generator

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The video lasts approx. 1 minute

website intro process

Meet our website specialist Jesper and his team

Get a fast introduction to Morningtrain's team of web designers and web developers, and see what really makes a "Morningtrain website" different from the others.

Watch the video
The video lasts approx. 1 minute


Website designs that yield results

A good website must not only look great, but it also needs to achieve your business goals. It has to effectively guide your website visitors to a decision to contact you.

We have tracked our last 40 produced websites in Google Analytics and monitored how well they performed compared to the old version of the website, and the results were clear:


Avr. higher conversion rate


Avr. faster website


Avr. lower bounce rate


Avr. longer visits
christian Bitzs billede

"I feel in every way that the job was solved better than I had hoped for"

christian bitz ham selv

Christian Bitz

TV Chef Celebrity
5 out of 5 stars


More time spend on website


Smaller bounce rate
thomas arbejder på dit sikkerhed

Core Competences in Website Creation


Beautiful Digital Design

Morningtrain has a dedicated Senior Art Director, who has many years of experience creating impressive website designs. He combines the latest trend with your desires and wishes, so you will end up with a unique visual identity.


WordPress Web Development

We have several frontend specialists, who develop our WordPress websites. We strongly recommend WordPress as a platform, because it is user-friendly, flexible and provide strong options for search engine optimization (SEO)


Website Hosting

We have several different hosting plans to match your website needs. Dedicated hosting at European servers, fully GDPR compliant.

biler der symbolisere pris niveau

Pricing of our websites? Depends on the model

At Morningtrain you can tailor exactly the website you need.
It could be a standardized website solution or perhaps a custom made website, it all depends on your vision.

Below we have gathered different examples of our website solutions and the price range for the different selections.

Contact and hear more

Website Packages

Contact Jesper at +45 92 44 93 80, if you have questions to our different website solutions.

Standard Website
WordPress as CMS
Video integration
Contact formular selection
Blog universe
Privacy policy og cookie popup
Redirect of old URL's
Price range:
50-80.000 DKK
City Bowling
Standard Website with Design
Everything from 'Standard Website'
Design workshop
Design for selected subpages
Integration to Trustpilot
Integration to Instagram
Simple searchbar
Price range:
90-125.000 DKK
Neurons INC
Uniquely Designed Website
Everything from 'Standard Website with Design'
Unlimited number of subpage designs
WordPress or Nova as CMS
Integration toCRM
Advanced searchbar
Frameworks suchs as React or Laravel
Price range:
+130.000 DKK

The Website Journey

We have a simple proces to guide you safely through your digital journey

The process is divided into a few phases, during which you will be instructed at the beginning of your website projects. The phases will be adjusted specifically to your project and typically include Analysis, Design, Development, and Implementation.


No oursourcing at Morningtrain

Website Design from Denmark


May we make you a website offer?

If you feel that we might be a good match, and you would like to hear how we would design and develop your future website - please reach out. You are free to give Jesper a call or an e-mail where you can talk further - no strings attached.

Website eng
Contact Jesper Martinussen