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    Professional website design

    The visitors on your website are lazy

    Your website should be more than just an online business card. We familiarize ourselves with customer behavior, that way you get a website that gets you even more customers.

    Morningtrain digital specialist
    Dyrehauge maler

    This is why web design is important for your business

    Great web design generates leads for your sales channel

    The website is an important part of the customers digital customer journey and if you want to catch and keep the customers interest you need a sublime web design.

    When we develop websites, we combine cutting-edge design trends with databased insights from online marketing to make an attention-grabbing web design which will give you customers.


    Morningtrain digital solutions

    “Morningtrain is super easy to work with. You can reach them with both big and small problems, and everything is solved with great care and understanding of our company. I have been working with Morningtrain for almost six months and am still very excited! Morningtrain gets my warmest recommendations!”

    5 / 5

    Billede af Sarah Mongelard, Brand og Campaign manager hos Ørgreen Optics

    Sarah Mongelard

    Brand & Campaign Manager, Ørgreen Optics A/S
    Digitalt design
    United Fintech


    Website designs that yield results

    A good website must not only look great, but it also needs to achieve your business goals. It has to effectively guide your website visitors to a decision to contact you.

    We have tracked our last 40 produced websites in Google Analytics and monitored how well they performed compared to the old version of the website, and the results were clear:


    Avr. higher conversion rate


    Avr. faster website


    Avr. longer visits


    Avr. lower bounce rate
    Fiat & Ferrari

    What is the price of a website?

    Well that depends on the model, really.

    At Morningtrain we can design the website to match your business needs.
    It could be a standardized website solution or perhaps a custom made website, it all depends on your vision.

    Below we have gathered different examples of our website solutions and the price range for the different packages.

    Contact and hear more

    Website price examples

    Contact Mathias at 30 14 88 38, if you have questions to our different website solutions.

    Project requirement phase

    Wireframes Prototyping Sitemap
    UX analysis
    User journey mapping Neuroscience tests
    Concept development
    Project plan and method
    Requirement specification
    Price from:
    25.000 DKK
    Would you like to hear
    more about this solution?

    Design solutions

    Requires clarification phase
    Design workshop
    State-of-the-art design
    Custom made UX
    Flexible components for content
    Website performance tracking
    Price from:
    150.000 DKK
    Odense Havn

    Unique solutions

    Requires clarification phase
    Same options as in the design solution
    Integrations to external systems
    Custom programming
    Advanced searchbar
    Price from:
    350.000 DKK
    United Fintech
    Emelie med ruller og tommestok
    Morningtrain digital solutions

    “It is rare that I have the pleasure of working with an agency that knows how to break down difficult technical terms to an easily understandable level and at the same time succeeds at explaining the commercial value for the company. It is and always has been very nice to work with Morningtrain, both having them as a consultant, but also when specific tasks needed to be executed.”

    Kristian Petersen. Adm. direktør Gul & Gratis

    Kristian Petersen

    Adm. director for Gul & Gratis
    5 out of 5 stars


    New users from Facebook


    Monthly visitors

    Web design and development at Morningtrain

    Documented and transparent project model that guides you through the growth journey

    Normally our development process includes an analysis phase, a design phase, a development phase, and an implementation phase. We do however adapt the process to you and present it at the start of the project.

    Niclas med Ipad

    Web development and web design


    Digital design

    Morningtrain has a dedicated Senior Art Director, who has many years of experience creating impressive website designs. He combines the latest trend with your desires and wishes, so you will end up with a unique visual identity.

    WordPress web development

    We have several frontend specialists, who develop our WordPress websites. We strongly recommend WordPress as a platform, because it is user-friendly, flexible and provide strong options for search engine optimization (SEO)

    Conversion optimization

    Our digital marketing specialists help optimize conversion rates for both new and existing websites, so you get more inquiries from more visitors than before.

    Web design and related services

    Speed optimization

    If you want to get the most out of your website, it should not be slow. We can help optimize the speed.

    Read more about speed optimization
    Design manual


    A SEO effort is a long-term marketing strategy that helps you to continuously get free visitors to your website.

    Read more about SEO


    Google Ads and Facebook advertising are great online marketing strategies when you primarily want results in the short run.

    Read more about advertising


    We have many years of experience in finding good webshop solutions for our customers, especially based on WordPress and WooCommerce.

    Read more about webshops
    Meltem med headset

    The value of a professional website

    What determines the price of a website?

    Let us just tell you right away: If you have hopes of getting a new website for 10.000 kroner, we will unfortunately have to disappoint you.


    It is really only with a budget over 80.000< kroner that it begins to become realistic to develop professional websites for growing digital businesses.

    No outsourcing at Morningtrain

    Website design from Denmark

    All of Morningtrain's developers and designers sit under the same roof at our HQ in Denmark.

    It is company policy that we do not engage in outsourcing as it hinders your direct communication with us.

    Therefore, you always know exactly which Morningtrain employees, are working on your project and you can always reach them on phone or mail.


    Ready for the next step?

    Are you intrigued about the idea of a webshop designed and developed by Morningtrain?

    Try to give Jesper a call or write him a mail. He will gladly have a meeting with you, so we can see if we're a match - no strings attached!

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    Contact Jesper Martinussen