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    Digital business development since 2010

    The road to growth starts with Morningtrain

    At the digital agency Morningtrain, we are digital natives who LOVE to develop businesses and solve digital challenges, either using our digital tool kit or by building new innovative solutions.

    Vores digitalt bureau på Fyn er i gang med at skabe kreative webløsninger og digitale vækstrejser

    Meet the Morningtrain team

    Digital Design
    Project Management
    Steffen Christensen steffen-christensen

    Steffen Christensen

    Digital Business Developer [email protected]

    71 99 43 80

    Sune Roed sune-roed

    Sune Roed

    Client Director [email protected]

    71 96 07 01

    Thomas Østerkjerhuus thomas-oesterkjerhuus

    Thomas Østerkjerhuus

    CEO [email protected]

    92 44 93 82

    Peter Thomsen peter-thomsen

    Peter Thomsen

    COO [email protected]

    92 44 93 85

    Frederik Steffensen frederik-steffensen

    Frederik Steffensen

    Customer Success Specialist [email protected]

    71 96 56 60

    Sanne Storm sanne-storm

    Sanne Storm

    Office assistent [email protected]

    71 99 55 30

    Thobias Laustsen thobias-laustsen

    Thobias Laustsen

    Head of HR [email protected]

    71 99 11 95

    Meltem Bilici meltem-bilici

    Meltem Bilici [Maternity leave]

    Digital Project Manager [email protected]

    30 14 92 94

    Karsten Madsen karsten-madsen

    Karsten Madsen

    Partner [email protected]

    27 81 19 05

    Jesper Martinussen jesper-martinussen

    Jesper Martinussen

    Head of Digital Design [email protected]

    92 44 93 80

    Thomas Dyrehauge

    Senior Art Director [email protected]

    92 44 93 81

    Josephine Grigoriou Josephine Grigoriou

    Josephine Grigoriou

    Creative Strategist [email protected]

    71 96 06 01

    Emelie Carén emelie-caren

    Emelie Carén

    Art Director [email protected]
    Mark Clausen Mark Clausen Lead Frontendudvikler

    Mark Clausen

    Lead frontend developer [email protected]
    Philip Hussak philip-hussak

    Philip Hussak

    Frontend developer [email protected]
    Mikkel Selko mikkel-selko

    Mikkel Selko

    Frontend developer [email protected]
    Frederik Hauritz frederik-hauritz

    Frederik Hauritz

    Frontend developer [email protected]
    Morten Hostrup morten-hostrup

    Morten Hostrup

    Frontend developer [email protected]
    Jakob Skovvang jakob-skovvang-nielsen

    Jakob Skovvang Nielsen

    Frontend developer [email protected]
    Maja Blomster Maja Blomster Marketing

    Maja Blomster

    Head of Digital Marketing [email protected]

    71 96 15 80

    Amalie Christensen amalie-koblauch-christensen

    Amalie Koblauch Christensen

    Head of SEO [email protected]

    71 96 77 70

    Simon Hedegaard simon-hedegaard

    Simon Lübiç Hedegård

    Head of PPC & Growth [email protected]

    92 44 93 83

    Betina Vestergård Jepsen betina-vestergaard-jepsen

    Betina Vestergård Jepsen [Maternity leave]

    Social Media Specialist [email protected]

    71 74 09 70

    Marina Dolcic marina-dolcic

    Marina Dolčić

    Lead Generation Specialist [email protected]
    Jacob Bartholdy jacob-bartholdy

    Jacob Bartholdy

    Paid Search Specialist [email protected]

    71 96 91 33

    Rasmus Rasmussen rasmus-rasmussen

    Rasmus Rasmussen

    Paid Search Specialist [email protected]
    Dennis Clement Jacobsen dennis-clement-jacobsen

    Dennis Clement Jacobsen

    Linkbuilding Specialist [email protected]

    71 99 26 25

    Benjamin hover benjamin-splidt

    Benjamin Splidt Jakobsen

    Social Media Specialist [email protected]

    30 14 21 66

    Christian Brydebøl Christian Brydebøl Marketing Assistent

    Christian Brydebøl

    Marketing Assistant [email protected]
    Niclas Johansen niclas-johansen

    Niclas Johansen

    Head of Development [email protected]

    42 90 84 28

    Martin Schadegg Brønniche martin-schadegg-broenniche

    Martin Schadegg Brønniche

    Lead Backend developer [email protected]

    28 19 10 03

    Mathias Højrup Munk mathias-hoejrup-munk

    Mathias Højrup Munk

    Lead Backend developer [email protected]
    Aleksander Duszkiewicz aleksander-duszkiewicz-

    Aleksander Duszkiewicz

    Backend developer [email protected]

    71 96 15 40

    Simon Jønsson simon-joensson

    Simon Jønsson

    Backend developer [email protected]
    Steffen Østergaard steffen-oestergaard-soerensen

    Steffen Østergaard Sørensen

    Backend developer [email protected]
    Mathias Bærentsen mathias-baerentsen

    Mathias Bærentsen

    Backend developer [email protected]
    Lars Rasmussen lars-rasmussen

    Lars Rasmussen

    Backend developer [email protected]
    David Olsen david-olsen

    David Olsen

    Senior Backend developer & DevOps [email protected]

    71 96 07 20

    Bjarne Bonde bjarne-bonde

    Bjarne Bonde

    Senior Backend developer & DevOps [email protected]

    71 96 07 20

    Digitalt bureau Morningtrains specialister

    Our why

    At Morningtrain we contribute to a world where goodness is healthy business

    We believe that when we approach our surroundings with kindness and decency, it attracts colleagues, customers, and partners with the same mindset. And when good people meet, extraordinary collaborations are created, which creates healthy business for all parties.


    This creates a self-reinforcing balance, where goodness generates healthy business, and healthy business creates a foundation for more goodness. We think that is common sense.

    linkbuildingrådgivning af et sagkyndigt SEO bureau

    Digital business developers down to our core

    Morningtrain is a digital agency that, on paper, specializes in digital design, system development, and online marketing. However, a more accurate picture is that we are digital natives who LOVE to develop businesses and solve digital challenges.

    Morningtrain universe

    We are an energetic, owner-managed, and entrepreneurial company that solves business challenges either with our digital tool kit or by building new innovative solutions.

    This approach has enabled us to create the ultimate lead generation tool, Morningtrack™, and the SEO tool Morningscore. It is with this approach to challenges that we create the path to growth for our clients.


    What if every day wassome sort of a party?

    The passion and motivation for our work have created an internal mantra at Morningtrain that goes:


    "What if every day was a kind of party?" The mantra is about creating a challenging and fun everyday life for our colleagues, which provides a fantastic foundation for well-being and self-development for everyone on the team.


    Morningtrain is fundamentally built on a desire to be a great place to work, where we want to spend many years together and where we can further develop a good and healthy company that also exists in 100 years.


    What is the secret behindMorningtrain?

    We have one key element to achieving success on our journey.

    It is our culture, based on down-to-earth values rooted in social development, as these ensure a company in balance between efficiency and relationships.


    Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.

    Det digitale bureau Morningtrain fra Odense fejrer kåringen som Danmarks Sundeste Arbejdsplads 2020

    Stimulating work environment

    Teambuilding and sport is a big part of the culture

    teambuilding aktiviteter i morning train
    kollegialt hygge i hverdagen
    godt kollegialt sammenhold
    morning sport - sund arbejdsplads

    We want to make a positive difference

    Morningtrain supports children and their families in need


    Do you want to join the team?

    If you think it sounds cool to work at a digital agency with a strong culture and a lot of perks, then take a look at our career page and see our job openings.

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