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    Specialists in B2B and B2C lead generation

    Take your lead generation to the next level

    We have focused our love on lead generation for technical and/or complex B2B and B2C companies.


    We particularly collaborate with companies who have a serious desire to scale the impact of their lead generation efforts.

    Digitalt bureau Morningtrains specialister

    Why choose us to drive your marketing?

    Sharper focus on lead generation

    We have our own lead generation framework called Morningtrack™, which aims to qualify the leads you receive. Based on these insights, we can identify the efforts needed to optimize or scale your business case.

    This provides a close collaboration based on data and your feedback on the quality of the incoming leads, giving us an even more detailed basis to optimize your lead generation.


    Increase in traffic


    Higher conversion rate


    More leads


    Increased value from marketing
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    The process behind lead generation

    How we approach the task


    Developing a strategy

    We begin by developing a strategy based on your needs, goals, market, and business case.

    Selection of channels and the team behind it

    We then select meaningful and effective channels and strategically prioritize our efforts.

    Development of materials

    We create the material that will convert your visitors and continually optimize the website for conversions.

    Price examples for initiating an online marketing process

    Contact our business developer Mathias Mide on 30 14 88 38, if you have questions about the various marketing efforts.

    Project requirement phase

    Setting up goals and KPIs
    Market analysis
    Potential Low hanging fruit etc.
    Elaboration of strategy
    Economy for strategy implementation
    Price from:
    19.000 kr.
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    this solution?

    PPC Pilot Project [Intro]

    Keyword analysis
    Market definition
    Setting up campaign structure
    Lead-tracking via Morningtrack™
    Monthly review of leads
    Monthly optimization of 5-6 campaigns
    Price per month:
    5.950-7.600 kr.
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    this solution?

    SEO-strategy [intro]

    Keyword analysis
    Keyword mapping
    Link analysis
    Onsite SEO analysis
    Preparation of sitemap
    Wireframe within optimal information structure
    6-12 month plan incl. estimated results
    Price from:
    14.250 kr.
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    this solution?
    Øster fisker

    Set up power to your sales organization

    Lead generation across channels

    Is LinkedIn better for lead generation than Google Ads? And do you need to optimize your website first to support lead generation?


    Let us help you with a strategy with efforts across relevant channels. The strategy will be based on who you are, your market, and what you want to achieve.


    The answer is rarely that there is only one right thing to do. Often, it is instead crucial to success that there is a common thread across efforts.

    Effective tools forlead generation

    Interested in marketing with Google?

    Read more

    Execution of

    Google marketing

    Good for

    • Generating relevant traffic
    • Being available early in the decision-making process
    • Generating sales-ready leads

    Do you think we are cool? Then lets have a chat

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    LinkedIn annoncering

    Execution of

    SoMe marketing

    Good for

    • Creating an online community
    • Generating soft leads
    • Increasing brand awareness

    We are just sitting around, waiting to talk to you

    Contact us

    Execution of

    Offline marketing

    Good for

    • Reaching people outside of the web
    • Creating synergy between online and offline marketing
    • Increasing brand awareness

    Are you ready to talk to us?

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    linkedin grafisk ikon

    Execution of

    Guerilla marketing

    Good for

    • Creating word-of-mouth marketing
    • Increasing conversion rates
    • Increasing brand awareness

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      Supporting efforts for your lead generation

      Conversion optimization

      We will work on the conversion options that you offer to your customers (brochure, contact, price calculator, etc.).

      How do you do it?

      Speed optimization

      Your visitors are impatient. Don't let speed come between you and the opportunity for them to contact you.

      Boost your website
      Online annoncering

      Website maintenance

      It's frustrating to invest in advertising if your website isn't a good experience for your visitors.

      Consistency in branding

      We should work on ensuring that your potential customers experience consistency in your brand across channels.

      Don't hesitate - we're always ready for a chat

      Lets talk about your digital project

      Hopefully by now you want to get to know us better.

      Let's start with a conversation where we talk about your problem and your options.

      Lead generation
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