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    Professional webshop

    Does your webshop struggle with low conversion rate?

    Take a look at how we develop professional webshops with elegant design and effective shop modules.


    Why should you have a professional webshop?

    Professional webshops excel at every level

    Screenshot fra filmen Morningtrain har din ryg

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    Duration 1 min.

    Our digital specialists have your back

    Experience our digital specialists fight your battle and see how they pave the way for growth for your business.

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    Duration 1 min.


    Extraordinary webshop results

    A professional webshop today must contain many elements in order to utilize the full potential. There must be an inviting and converting webshop design, which is connected to a well-programmed shop system. In addition, attention must be paid to the detail, so that e.g. the speed is top notch.

    We have tracked how well a new Morningtrain webshop performs compared to the old webshop solution:


    Avr. higher conversion


    Avr. faster webshop


    Avr. lower bounce rate


    Avr. longer visits
    Udtalelse af et kunde som Morningtrain har udviklet et webshop til

    "We had a lot on our minds at Daxiomatic, and we saw that Morningtrain was able to step into that world as well as listen and understand us. Morningtrain has just been incredibly skilled, professional and cooperative."

    Billede af Pia Tasior, Good karma officer hos Daxiomatic

    Pia Taisor

    Good Karma Officer
    5 out of 5 stars


    Lower bounce rates


    More visitors


    Faster load time
    vrbriller - vi skaber en virtuel virkelig på din hjemmeside

    Core competences in webshop development


    Webshop design

    We have a dedicated designer to design or redesign your webshop. Designs are created based on the latest design trends and insights on purchasing behaviour from Google data.

    WooCommerce webshop

    We often code webshops in Woocommerce, which is the obvious choice for you, who would like to use the WordPress platform system in your webshop. Woocommerce is user-friendly, easy to manage and has a nice order flow.

    Laravel webshop

    Our other preferred webshop system is the PHP framework, Laravel. This is the best solution for you, who do not fit into a standard and need a custom-designed system. It is very flexible and you never need to compromise on quality and design.

    Services related to webshops


    Save time and strengthen your online business with various integrations for e.g. economic systems.

    Read about integrations


    After launching your webshop, the webshop must be hosted and operated on an ongoing basis to maintain a high level of security.

    Read about hosting

    Conversion rate optimization

    Conversion rate optimization of your webshop based on online marketing data and insights from more than 100 cases.

    Read about conversion rate optimization


    Attract relevant and ready-to-buy traffic to your webshop with Google Ads and Facebook advertising.

    Read about advertising
    biler der symbolisere pris niveau

    How much does a webshop cost?

    Which model would you like?

    We design and develop many different models of webshops. So, whether you need a standard solution or a special solution we can help you.

    However, prices depend on functionality, design and what backend development is needed.

    Below, you will find 3 examples of webshop packages with different pricing and contents.

    Contact and hear more

    Package solutions

    Call Mathias Mide at 69 69 26 43, if you would like to discuss your webshop project in detail


    Customization of logo, colors and fonts
    WooCommerce shopsystem
    SEO-friendly setup
    Order handling
    Shipping solution
    Payment gateway
    Debit cards Mobilepay
    Standard discount codes
    Price range:
    110-150.000 DKK
    Nyborg Rejser

    Webshop + design

    Everything from 'MorningShop'
    Custom designed
    Product search function
    Product filter
    Trustpilot integration
    Integrations to external systems
    Expanded discount code system
    Prince range:
    160-395.000 DKK
    Kifaru Coffee

    Custom webshop

    Everything from "Webshop + design"
    Possibility of a custom platform for the shopsystem
    E-commerce client functions
    Login function Customer specific pricing Customer reorder function
    Point shop
    Advanced search bar
    Cross sales feature
    Other advanced business features
    Price range:
    +400.000 DKK

    The Digital journey

    Our process for creating business growth via webshop

    Our webshop process is typically broken down in the following phases:

    Analysis, design, development, and implementation.

    Webshop development process show in several phases: Analysis, Design, Development, and Implementation.

    No outsourcing at Morningtrain

    Professionel webshop developed in Denmark


    Would you like a price estimate on your next webshop project?

    Are you intrigued about the idea of a webshop designed and developed by Morningtrain?

    Try to give Jesper a call or write him a mail. He will gladly have a meeting with you, so we can see if we're a match - no strings attached!

    Webshop eng
    Contact Jesper Martinussen