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    Webshop, product configurator, digital shopping journey, digital design

    MG Motor/ KIA webshop

    MG Motor & KIA had a strong hypothesis about cars - yes, they can be sold online.

    However, their old webshop had several challenges, where especially the customer journey had to be rethought in order to fulfill the ambitious hypothesis.


    The digital shopping journey was challenged

    MG Motors already had a webshop, which they had set up internally with a standard WordPress theme. They did this to test the hypothesis of whether they could sell cars online directly from their site. The concept was simple: Buy or lease a car online. Pay the deposit immediately, but pay the remaining price at the retailer.

    The challenge, however, was that the webshop was not at all optimized for a good customer journey in the buying process. The chosen theme had several challenges, where for example you could not buy accessories for the cars - which both challenged the buyers' desire to buy and kept MG / KIA from significant additional sales.

    In addition, the theme was visually limited, so MG / KIA did not appear as they wanted in terms of branding.

    MG / KIA was looking for a scalable and modern webshop solution to move forward in their digital journey and test their ambitious hypothesis - and Morningtrain was allowed to bid on that.


    Sketch and a custom built solution

    The first part of the plan was detailed design workshops, where MG / KIA described in detail their wishes for the optimal customer journey - and what it should look like.

    An outline of the entire shopping journey was created and the visual aspect of buying a car online was highlighted as an important factor. Thus, the idea of ​​a car configurator came into play, and this was important as it solved 2 key tasks.

    First and foremost, it gave buyers a visualization and assurance that their choice of car looked just right before final ordering.

    Next, the car configurator also solved the challenge with additional sales, as buyers now could customize their car exactly as they wanted - and that meant in practice the order became larger.

    After the outline of the complete webshop solution, a requirements specification was drawn up - and then the development of the webshop began to take shape.


    33 cars sold the first hour after new car launch

    The new webshop was launched and was very well received by MG / KIA's customer base.

    MG / KIA was able to announce that the conversion rate on the new webshop was significantly better than on the old one, and that the new customer journey held on well to the buyers and landed more revenue per sale due to the options.

    The all-important milestone was achieved when KIA launched their new model KIA EV6. 33 cars were sold here in the first hour.

    So yes - the hypothesis held - one can very well sell cars online with the right digital solution.

    MacBook Image
    MG Motors website preview

    Visualization of the shopping journey

    Visual car configurator increases sales on the webshop

    Considering the importance of the visual aspect in the buying journey of a car, MG / KIA achieved a marked increase in the conversion rate on their webshop.


    Custom development enables all priorities

    One-size doesn´t fit anyoneparticularly well

    Although standard plugins are easy to implement in a webshop, the good effect is often absent.

    By having their webshop specially developed, MG / KIA achieved the desired visual expression without compromising on features and the shopping journey.

    Special development enables you to never have to opt out of aesthetics for functionality - or vice versa.




    Collaboration with Morningtrain puts power behind the ideas

    An important part of the journey with MG / KIA were some good design workshops. The purpose of these was to put power between MG / KIA's good business ideas and Morningtrain's knowledge of the technical possibilities.

    In this co-creation, the idea arose of a car configurator, which became an extremely important part of the MG / KIA's webshop solution.



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    MG Motor / KIA webshop
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