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    Digital marketing agency - specializing in B2B and B2C lead generation

    Boost your marketing up to the next level

    We are the online marketing agency that specialises in lead generation for technical and / or heavy B2B and B2C companies.

    We only work with companies that have a serious desire to scale the effect of generating and processing leads.

    OT & Amalie

    Why choose us to run your online marketing?

    Marketing and sales tied together

    We have developed our own lead generation framework, which aims to qualify the leads you receive, and from this define the efforts that must be launched to optimize or scale the business case - the framework is called Morningtrack ™.

    Based on the data we receive and your feedback, we prepare the focus points for the coming month in relation to what can lift the case.

    Measured across previous projects we can document solid results.


    Increased traffic


    Increased conversion rate


    More leads


    Increased value form marketing
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    Marketing agency without a "one-size fits all"

    How to start an online marketing process

    There is no case that is the same, and therefore we always start by clarifying what the objectives. Should leads be generated? Creating awareness? Or maybe something completely different.


    We will put together a recommendation for an online marketing setup for you, based on the market, target group, objectives or budget for the effort.


    We always recommend to start with some kind of a pilot project. In other words, an initial four-month project where we test the case and the collaboration together.

    After the pilot project, we make a plan for the coming months. And no, we do not have a lock-in period.

    Morningtrain digital solutions

    “Communication with Morningtrain is effortless and positive. They are quick to track down our needs and offer effective solutions. They are trustworthy and deliver on time. We definitely recommend Morningtrain!”

    5 / 5

    Daniel Johannsen, grundlægger af Cookiebot

    Daniel Johannsen

    Founder, Cookiebot

    Price examples for initiating an online marketing process

    Contact our business developer Mathias Mide on 30 14 88 38, if you have questions about the various marketing efforts.

    Project requirement phase

    Setting up goals and KPIs
    Market analysis
    Potential Low hanging fruit etc.
    Elaboration of strategy
    Economy for strategy implementation
    Price from:
    19.000 kr.
    Want to know more about
    this solution?

    PPC Pilot Project [Intro]

    Keyword analysis
    Market definition
    Setting up campaign structure
    Lead-tracking via Morningtrack™
    Monthly review of leads
    Monthly optimization of 5-6 campaigns
    Price per month:
    5.950-7.600 kr.
    Want to know more about
    this solution?

    SEO-strategy [intro]

    Keyword analysis
    Keyword mapping
    Link analysis
    Onsite SEO analysis
    Preparation of sitemap
    Wireframe within optimal information structure
    6-12 month plan incl. estimated results
    Price from:
    14.250 kr.
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    this solution?

    Our online marketing process

    The first step is always a pilot project, which must form proof of concept for both the business potential and the collaboration. Then we prepare a 6-12 month plan which contains all the efforts we will prioritize in the coming period. As we scale the case, it is also expanded with more channels, campaigns and efforts across.

    The idea is that we scale the collaboration across channels, as the case develops.

    Morningtrain's online advertising process is divided iin 4 phases: the first meeting, analysis, implementation and optimization

    Paid vs organic marketing

    Short-term results or snowball-effect

    Do you want to achieve results immediately? Or test things first?

    Paid marketing gives you results almost instantly. You pay to advertising platforms which give you visibility from day one, and you have the ability to define who will receive your messages.


    The advantages are clear: You become visible immediately, you get quick input on what works, and you can define the target group yourself - the disadvantage is that you have to pay for all traffic and visibility, and in some cases it is a lot of money.

    Do you dream of building an eternally scalable foundation?

    The definition of organic marketing efforts is that they do not require money per se. Examples might be social media posts or SEO.


    The advantage is that you can in principle scale your organic efforts indefinitely, and it does not cost you a single krone in advertising. The downside is that it requires TIME, and lots of it. And it places high demands on your content.

    Frequently requested marketing services

    Want to know more about SEO

    Read more

    Implementation of


    You get:

    • A long-term strategy
    • A scalable marketing effort
    • Opportunity for sales and leads

    Want to know more about LinkedIn Ads?

    Read more
    LinkedIn annoncering

    Set up of

    LinkedIn Ads

    You get:

    • Targeting of B2B target group
    • Efficient B2B lead generation
    • Brandawareness

    Want to know more about Google Ads?

    Read more
    Google Ads

    Lead generation

    Google Ads

    You get:

    • Immediate traffic
    • Clear insight into results
    • Qualification of leads

    Want to know more about Speed optimization?

    Read more
    hastighedsoptimering ikon

    Implementation of

    Speed optimization

    You get:

    • Lower bounce rate
    • A general boost in rankings
    • Conversion rate increase

    Want to know more about website structure?

    Read more
    Facebook annoncering

    Optimization of

    Facebook Ads

    You get:

    • Targeting any demographic
    • Brand awareness
    • Sales and lead generation

    Want to know more about linkbuilding?

    Read more
    linkbuilding ikon

    Efficient and productive


    You get:

    • A more credible website
    • Traffic from external websites
    • Easier ranking on keywords

    Want to know more about conversion optimization?

    Read more
    CRO ikon

    Implementation of


    You get:

    • More leads from your traffic
    • Increased relevance in Google
    • Fulfilled commercial potential

    Want to know more about banner advertising

    Read more

    Configuration of

    Banner advertising

    You get:

    • Brandawareness
    • Cheap traffic
    • Visibility across platforms

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      Which channel should you choose?

      Get the most out of your marketing budget

      The possibilities in online marketing are endless! It can therefore seem confusing which channels and strategies you as a company need to create the best results.

      Our online marketing team is put together by experts with competencies across channels and platforms. The team works from empirical data, derived from a large number of companies from different industries.


      We analyze your industry and your case and find the solution that has the greatest growth potential and distribute the budgets accordingly.

      3 considerations when it comes to online marketing


      Want to hear more on how we can help you with online marketing?

      Contact our digital business developer Mathias by clicking the button below, and have a chat about what we can do for your company.

      Marketing agency
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