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    Online advertising focusing on B2B and B2C

    We help you generate revenue

    Our online advertising team specializes in; Google Ads, Facebook & LinkedIn Advertising and Display Advertising.


    All advertising projects we handle have lead generation as their goal.

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    Choosing the right online advertising channel/s for your business


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    Our digital specialists have your back

    Watch our digital specialists fight your battle on the digital battlefield and pave the way for your company's growth.

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    What is your goal with ​​online advertising?

    • I would like to:

      Get more customer inquiries or increase e-commerce

    • I would like to:

      Attract the right employees

    • I would like to:

      Increase brand awareness about my business

    The short answer - start with Google Ads

    If you want to start with online advertising to attract new customers, then Google Ads is a really good place to start. Our research shows that visitors coming from search engines are 65% more ready to buy than visitors from social media - this type of traffic is also more expensive per click.

    In just a few months, Google Ads can bring you clarity on whether the search engines are a lucrative business for your business. Once your lead generation / sales is up and running thanks to Google Ads, you can supplement with social media advertising as part of a long-term marketing strategy.

    Contact us if you want to hear more about advertising with Google ads.

    The short answer - start with LinkedIn

    If you want to use online advertising to become visible to new employees, then LinkedIn is phenomenally good. Although Facebook owns more of the traffic, LinkedIn is the professional social media, where people interact to a much greater extent with job postings than on Facebook.

    LinkedIn gives you some great targeting options based on geographic location, age, education, experience and more, so you can target your advertising incredibly specifically.

    Contact us to hear more about advertising with LinkedIn.

    The short answer - start with Facebook

    If you want to use online advertising to increase your overall visibility, then Facebook is the obvious choise. The key to a good brand awareness campaign is to hit as many people as possible in the desired target group as often as possible for as little money as possible.

    Facebook makes for a really good starting point. An alternative could be Google Display advertising.

    Contact us to hear more about advertising on Facebook.

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    Most popular advertising platforms

    Want to know more about advertising on Google Search?

    Get in touch

    Advertising on

    Google Search

    Search advertising is often used for:

    • Attract ready-to-buy customers
    • To create almost immediate results
    • Increase your market share from Google

    Want to know more about Google Display advertising?

    Get in touch

    Advertising on

    Google Display

    Display-ads are often used for:

    • Remarketing
    • Brand-awareness and exposure
    • Reaching people early in the buying process

    Want to know more about YouTube advertising?

    Get in touch

    Advertising on


    YouTube advertising is often used for:

    • Story telling
    • Brand-awareness and exposure
    • B2C and B2B lead generation

    Want to know more about advertising on Facebook?

    Get in touch

    Advertising on


    Facebook ads are often used for:

    • Retargeting
    • B2C lead generation
    • Acquisition of followers and traffic

    Want to know more about advertising on Instagram ?

    Get in touch
    Instagram ikon

    Advertising on


    Advertising on Instagram is often used for:

    • To reach 12-29 year olds
    • Brand-awareness and ad recall
    • Acquisition of followers and traffic

    Want to know more about ads on LinkedIn?

    Get in touch
    LinkedIn ikon

    Advertising on


    LinkedIn ads are often used for:

    • B2B lead generation
    • Brand-awareness and exposure
    • To attract new employees

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      Get even more out of your advertising setup with Bing

      Bing is often underestimated as a search engine. This is because many people use Bing as their default search engine because their browser is set up this way.

      In addition, the ad price is also significantly lower than on Google - and if you already have a setup on Google - then there is no reason not to get even more out of your setup with Bing.


      Online advertising
      Morningtrains linkbuilding specialist
      Online advertising

      "For the past 3 years we have had the pleasure of working with Morningtrain - first in relation to a new website, and since then we have made use of the agency's expertise in SEO, advertising on LinkedIn and Google Ads. Their staff is professional and very likeable. I highly recommend Morningtrain!"

      Anja Højheldt Jespersen

      Marketing manager, Syddanske Forskerparker
      5 out of 5 stars


      Increased traffic to the website


      More ready-to-buy leads

      Related skill set for online advertising

      Conversion optimization

      It does not make sense to work on getting more traffic from ads without also working on the conversion rate from that traffic.


      By combining online advertising with SEO you get the full benefit of Google.

      Read about how we work with SEO


      It's a shame to invest in advertising if your visitors do not feel confident and secure about your website.

      More about web development

      Speed optimization

      Your visitors are impatient. Do not let speed get in the way of you and the opportunity to create business online.


      Our process for business growth with online advertising

      Our typical growth journeys include an offer phase followed by an analysis phase. Then the execution begins, which is followed up with an evaluation and further optimization.
      Morningtrain's SEO process consists of the first meeting, analysis phase, optimization phase and reflection phase
      thomas arbejder med tekstoptimering i SEO bureauet i Odense

      Our cooperation policy

      In online advertising, we have a fixed collaboration policy where we do not work with more than two companies at once within the same industry with the same objectives and geography.

      In niche industries with low traffic, however, we collaborate with a maximum of 1 customer at a time.

      Our cooperation policy is your guarantee that you always get our full attention, and you know that we do not also cooperate with your closest competitors.

      See our cases

      Your specialists are based in Odense


      Do you have an amazing new project in mind?

      If you think our solutions and approach to online advertising sounds exciting, then Mathias would really like to talk to you.

      Via phone or a meeting in person/online, Mathias is always ready to advise you, no strings attached.

      Online advertising
      Contact Mathias Mide