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    Streamline your sales activities with a product configurator

    We help large companies – both B2C and B2B – who want to make it easier for their customers and sales department to customize their products to different needs.


    Our product configurators are based on your specific company, industry and challenges to make your business as efficient as possible.

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    What is it, and why should you care?

    A brief explanation of a product configurator

    A product configurator is a software solution used by companies that offer products which can be fully customized to the client’s desire or are available in many variations with different features.


    The product configurator makes it possible for the user (customer, salesperson, advisor etc.) to configure, visualize, and price complex products. This way, the configurator helps the user make informed decisions that would have normally required assistance from an employee or would take an employee a significantly longer time to customize manually.

    Furthermore, being able to show a product (or specific feature) to the client, makes the salesperson´s job both easier and more efficient providing for a smooth shopping experience and eliminating misunderstandings or differences in expectations.

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    Why choose us to develop your product configurator?

    At Morningtrain, we always customize the product configurator based on your specific needs. Therefore, the process always starts out by describing which challenges you want to solve.

    This could be one of the following challenges:

    • You want to streamline your sales process for customized orders
    • You want more qualified leads, ready to buy
    • You want to minimize order errors
    • You want to minimize the time spent on order handling
    • You want to make it easier to upsell and cross sell
    • You want your customers to be able to visually see the end product


    Depending on your needs, we can develop more or less complex product configurators.

    Simple product configurators offer a certain number of independent choices, such as choice of size, dimensions, and colors of a product. More complex product configurators can exclude specific product variations based on the choices made previously in the process – and conversely, other choices will make it possible to choose new configurations.


    Also, the product configurators developed by Morningtrain can be incorporated with ERP, CRM, internal systems, or financial systems.

    Finally, a good product configurator makes sure to guide your users through the configuration process to ensure that they finish the configuration. Therefore, we always attach great importance to user experience and user interface when developing a product configurator. This way, you have the best chances of gathering as many qualified leads for your business as possible.


    Next generation of car configurators

    MG Motors

    MG Motors’ car configurator guides the user all the way from choosing a car and color to which equipment they want for their new car. The configurator always takes the users’ choices into account, and a big number of “rules” are built from that.

    This way, the users are guided through their purchase (almost) as good as if they had talked to a salesperson at the car dealer.


    MG Motors’ configurator both allows for paying in cash and through financing.

    Custom configurator for B2B markets

    NASSAU Door A/S

    We have made a unique gate configurator for NASSAU Door A/S which makes it possible for new clients to customize their very own gate, where both dimensions and accessories can be added.


    Depending on what the clients chooses, the product will visually be updated to give the client an idea of what the gate will look like. This makes it possible for clients to configure the exact garage gate they want – and within a few minutes buy the gate.

    Greentec-konfigurator – 1

    Configure, Price, Quote solution


    For GreenTec we have developed a so-called Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) configurator to be used by their sales department as a basis for the quotes they send out to their customers.


    With more than 40 different tools that can fit 22 different models and a multitude of rules, it is very important that GreenTec’s CPQ configurator shows the right possibilities. The rule- and validation engine behind GreenTec’s configurator allows for just that. Furthermore, the configurator makes it possible for both the salesperson and new clients to customize a product based on their specific needs – after which this information is forwarded so it can be used to place an order.

    This way, GreenTec can advice their clients the best way possible and sell the exact products to fulfill the clients’ needs.

    Product configurator

    “Together with Morningtrain we developed the market’s first fully integrated online B2B sectional lift gate configurator.

    We find Morningtrain to be very honest and competent, and always ready to help. The Morningtrain team works purposefully to create results for us.”

    Anders Didriksen, E-commerce manager fra Nassau Door A/S

    Anders Dideriksen

    E-commerce manager, NASSAU Door A/S
    5 out of 5 stars


    Increased conversion rate


    More transactions


    Increased online revenue

    Increase customer engagement and additional sales

    A product configurator can increase your sales

    There are many reasons why a product configurator can be valuable for your business.


    If you sell products that come in different variations, dimensions, colours etc., a product configurator can make it easier for your customers and/or sales department to customise the exact products your customers wish for. For example, your customers can use the product configurator on your website to select and deselect specific features for your product such as the type, colour and size of the product.


    The product configurator can either result in a specific order that the customer can buy directly on your website, or it can be forwarded to your sales department who can use the data to prepare a quote for the specific customer. This way, your counselling and quotes always take their starting point in the specific needs of the customers – increasing the chances of closing the deal.


    Also, a product configurator is an efficient tool for additional sales, because the customers make an active choice of adding specific features or accessories to the product – instead of receiving a prefabricated package solution made by someone else. This means that they are often more willing to pay extra for add-ons.

    Nordic software developers

    When you are onboard the Morningtrain, you always know that your project is being developed by our inhouse programmers.

    You can always get in touch with the team fast, and no knowledge is lost in transit as you communicate directly with the team.


    Do you want an estimate on your programming project?

    If you are tempted to let our programmers take a look at your programming challenge, we completely understand! You are far from the first.

    Reach out to Niclas for a quick opinion and talk with no strings attached.

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