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    Facebook advertisement as a lead generation tool

    Facebook advertisement is one of the absolute most cost-efficient marketing channels you will find.


    If your ambition is to reach specific target audiences based on demography and interests or to get started on retargeting, then Facebook advertisement is a solid choice.

    Thomas er ekspert i kosteffektive Facebook annoncerings kampagner

    Facebook ads make traditional marketing obsolete

    Efficient audience targeting

    Facebook is a classic "push-marketing" channel, where you push ads towards a specific target audience. You can compare Facebook with traditional marketing channels, such as radio and TV, which are often selected based on the assumption that a large target audience is listening/watching. Facebook is, however, both cheaper and provides more intelligent segmentation choices.


    Using Facebook, you can e.g. target 18-19 year old women, who are into fashion and live in Copenhagen, or you can target male purchasing managers in a specific geographic location or industry area. Due to these reasons, Facebook ads have become a very popular channel for online lead generation.


    Increased traffic


    More leads


    Increased conversion rate


    Increased value from ads

    How we work with Facebook ads

    The journey is clear when we develop a strategy for your Facebook ads.


    We always start by discussing your business goals. Do you want more brand exposure or more likes on your Facebook page? Or are you looking for more serious inbound leads?


    Based on your business goals, we identify the right target audiences and begin with the technical setup and tracking. We also take care of ad copy and the visuals.


    After the setup, we monitor the campaigns and engage in ongoing optimization, while reporting the results to you on a regular basis.


    Do you want to join us on this journey?

    Morningtrain digital solutions

    “A fantastic marketing agency that works really hard and takes good care of their clients. We have seen a huge difference in our results and have many good conversations about constant development.”

    5 / 5

    Tomas Maltha Krogh - Morningtrains kunde

    Tomas Maltha Krogh

    Partner at Bomae

    What do Facebook ads involve?

    The usual tasks within Facebook ads

    Business goal mapping

    Business goal mapping is a powerful tool that helps you put a focus on the right objectives and strategies and make your primary business goals become clear.

    Technical setup and optimization

    During the technical setup and optimization, we set up different Facebook ad campaigns, define both the bids and the budget and monitor the incoming results.

    Creation of sublime content

    The creation of sublime content includes the combination of well-written ad copy and enticing visuals which make your potential customer stop scrolling and convert.

    Retargeting previous visitors

    Retargeting is a popular and effective way of targeting behavior instead of user demography and interests. In this way you can target your ads at people who have already visited your website and know your brand.

    Facebook ad specialists with a sense for business

    When you work with Morningtrain, it is always our in-house specialists that take care of all your business needs. Our clients can rest easy as their project is handled professionally by a team they know and can come in contact with directly at any time.


    Facebook ad courses

    Would you like to learn how to handle your FB ads yourself?

    Morningtrain's Facebook ad courses are customized to individual companies and their needs.

    Our SoMe specialists can teach you how to handle your Facebook ads at either a beginner or advanced level.

    This is a great option when you want to do the day-to-day maintenance yourself, but still want a bit of specialist input perhaps once a month.

    Call us if you want to hear more.

    Contact us

    3 important considerations when it comes to Facebook ads


    Would you like assistance with Facebook ads?

    We have assisted many companies in growing their brand exposure, increasing the number of leads or attracting new employees. Do you want to achieve something similar with your Facebook ads? In that case we'd love to help.

    Feel free to give our Digital business developer Mathias a call and let's take it from there.

    Facebook Ads
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