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    Sharp digital design agency that supports your business

    A company's visual expression forms the foundation of the entire company's presence. Both digitally and physically.

    It's about recognizability and potential customers' association with your brand.


    Therefore, there must be control of the detail and the common thread through the company's visual identity.


    Powerful digital design

    A strong visual identity is about consistency

    The importance of continuous communication has really become clear in the digital age, where your potential customers are constantly influenced by all the platforms they are on.

    That is why digital design, whether it is a website, email signature, banner, brochure etc., should be based on an embedded visual identity to create a common thread through your brand.

    Digitalt design

    Morningtrain is super easy to work with. You can reach them with both big and small problems, and everything is solved with great care and understanding of our company. I have been working with Morningtrain for almost six months and am still very excited! Morningtrain gets my warmest recommendations!

    5 / 5

    Billede af Sarah Mongelard, Brand og Campaign manager hos Ørgreen Optics

    Sarah Mongelard

    Brand & Campaign Manager, Ørgreen Optics A/S
    Design eksempel 1
    Design eksempel 2
    Design eksempel 3
    Design eksempel 4
    Design eksempel 5
    Design eksempel 6
    Design eksempel 7

    Digital design from a reputable agency

    A good digital design captures the attention and creates recognizability

    When we work with digital design, we combine a creative process with a focus on the user journey and the target group. All solutions are based on what the purpose and benefits of the project should be.

    Therefore, our solutions require that we gain insight into your company so that we can represent it as best as possible in the solution.


    It is information such as;

    • Which needs does the product/service that you sell to your customers solve?
    • Who is the target group for the products/services that you sell?
    • How does the sales process take place?

    and much more..


    We go to great lengths to ensure that we develop the right solutions based on digital behavior. That is why we scan our designs with Neurovision's AI, which tells us where people's eyes are led into the design.


    In addition, we use Google Analytics data and heatmaps to account for user behavior and to identify areas for improvement.

    Frequently requested digital design assignments

    Want to know more about web design?

    Read more
    Ikon til webdesign - en skitse af en pensel i lilla

    Preparation of


    It is often based on:

    • Better user experience
    • Lead generation
    • New visual identity

    Want to know more about UX design?

    Read more
    Ikon til UX design - en skitse af en hjemmeside i lilla

    Preparation of

    UX design

    It is often based on:

    • AI scans of the website
    • Google Analytics data
    • Heatmaps

    Do you want to know more about visual identity?

    Read more
    Ikon til visuel identitet - en skitse af en graph i lilla

    Preparation of

    Visual identity

    It is often based on:

    • The company's 'why'
    • The desired positioning
    • A common thread through digital and analog

    Want to know more about design manuals and brandbooks?

    Read more
    Ikon til design manual - en skitse af notationer i lilla

    Preparation of:

    Design manual

    It is often based on:

    • Colors, fonts, icons, vignettes, etc.
    • Image style
    • Both for digital and analog use

    Want to know more about concept/Idea phase?

    Read more
    Ikon til koncept/idé fase - en skitse af papir og blyant i lilla

    Preparation of

    Concept/Idea phase

    The result will often be one or more of the following:

    • Outline of solution
    • Requirements specification
    • Prototype

    Want to know more about Prototype?

    Get in touch
    Ikon til prototyper - en skitse af et tegnebræt i lilla

    Preparation of


    It is often based on:

    • Minimum viable product
    • Core functionalities
    • Outline of future phases

    Want to know more about testing current designs?

    Read more
    Ikon til test af nuværende design - en skitse af et tandhjul i lilla

    Test of

    Current design

    It is often based on:

    • AI scans of the design
    • Google Analytics data
    • Heatmaps

    Want to know more about testing of feedback and workshops?

    Get in touch
    Ikon til workshop/sparring - en skitse af et stak papir i lilla



    It is often based on:

    • Creative exercises
    • Best practices
    • Preliminary analyzes of the market

      Bliv kontaktet

      Digital design
      Digital design

      "We had a lot on our minds at Daxiomatic, and we saw that Morningtrain was able to step into that world and listen and understand us. Morningtrain has just been incredibly skilled, professional and cooperative."

      Billede af Pia Tasior, Good karma officer hos Daxiomatic

      Pia Tasior

      Good Karma Officer
      5 out of 5 stars


      Lower bouncer rate


      More page views


      Faster load time

      Make an impact on your target audience with a 360° brand profile

      The whole premise of a strong brand is recognizability, and this is achieved with a consistent visual style. In other words, you need to define the visual identity of your brand. What colors do you use (in print and digitally)? Which font? What image style? What language?


      All of this is defined in a design manual. Once the basic graphic elements are defined, you can translate it into: Business cards, letterhead, brochure, email signatures, banner, roll-ups, outdoor advertisements and so on.


      Everything should be enriched with your design manual, and suddenly you have the start of a visual identity.

      With a design manual, a consistent visual identity becomes very tangible.


      Want a quote on your digital design assignment?

      Do you think it sounds just a bit interesting to have a digital design developed and designed at Morningtrain?

      Write a message to our digital design manager, Jesper, via the contact form here. We will then get back to you with an assessment of your project.

      Digital design
      Contact Jesper Martinussen