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    Sharp digital design agency that supports your business

    Your visual expression forms the foundation of your entire company's presence, both digitally and physically.


    Therefore, attention to detail and a clear common thread throughout your company's visual identity is essential.

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    Bold digital design

    A strong visual identity is about consistency

    In the digital age, your potential customers are constantly exposed to your brand both physically and on digital platforms. Therefore, you need to create a consistent thread in your brand that makes it easy to remember and recognize.


    A well-defined visual identity helps you translate how your brand looks and how you communicate across all interfaces you have with the outside world.

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    Digital design from a reputable agency

    Good design captures attention and creates recognition

    We start with a creative process focused on the user journey and target audience. All of our solutions are based on your identity and what the purpose of the effort is.


    Therefore, our solutions require that we have insight into your business so that we can best represent you.


    These are information such as;

    • What are you in the world for - i.e. your WHY?
    • What is your vision, mission, values, and core story?
    • What is your visual style (colors, fonts, icons, etc.)?
    • What need does your product/service solve?
    • Who are your target audiences?


    Frequently requested digital design assignments

    Want to know more about web design?

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    Ikon til webdesign - en skitse af en pensel i lilla

    Preparation of


    It is often based on:

    • Better user experience
    • Lead generation
    • New visual identity

    You´re cool, we´re cool:

    Let´s talk
    Ikon til UX design - en skitse af en hjemmeside i lilla

    Preparation of

    UX design

    It is often based on:

    • AI scans of the website
    • Google Analytics data
    • Heatmaps

    Can´t get enough of visual identity?

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    Ikon til visuel identitet - en skitse af en graph i lilla

    Preparation of

    Visual identity

    It is often based on:

    • The company's 'why'
    • The desired positioning
    • A common thread through digital and analog

    Sound good?

    Learn more
    Ikon til design manual - en skitse af notationer i lilla

    Preparation of:

    Design manual

    It is often based on:

    • Colors, fonts, icons, vignettes, etc.
    • Image style
    • Both for digital and analog use

    Had enough of reading? Then let´s talk

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    Ikon til koncept/idé fase - en skitse af papir og blyant i lilla

    Preparation of

    Concept/Idea phase

    The result will often be one or more of the following:

    • Outline of solution
    • Requirements specification
    • Prototype

    What´s holding you back? We don´t bite

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    Ikon til prototyper - en skitse af et tegnebræt i lilla

    Preparation of


    It is often based on:

    • Minimum viable product
    • Core functionalities
    • Outline of future phases

    We are just waiting for you to reach out

    Contact us
    Ikon til test af nuværende design - en skitse af et tandhjul i lilla

    Test of

    Current design

    It is often based on:

    • AI scans of the design
    • Google Analytics data
    • Heatmaps

    Are you ready to talk?

    Contact us
    Ikon til workshop/sparring - en skitse af et stak papir i lilla



    It is often based on:

    • Creative exercises
    • Best practices
    • Preliminary analyzes of the market

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      Morningtrain digital solutions

      “It is rare that I have the pleasure of working with an agency that knows how to break down difficult technical terms to an easily understandable level and at the same time succeeds at explaining the commercial value for the company. It is and always has been very nice to work with Morningtrain, both having them as a consultant, but also when specific tasks needed to be executed.”

      Kristian Petersen. Adm. direktør Gul & Gratis

      Kristian Petersen

      Adm. director for Gul & Gratis
      5 out of 5 stars

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      Make an impact on your target audience with a 360° brand profile

      The whole premise of a strong brand is recognizability, which is achieved through a consistent visual style. In other words, you need to have defined the visual identity of your brand. Which colors are used (in print and digitally)? Which font? What kind of image style? Which language?   These things are defined in a design manual. Once the basic graphic elements have been defined, they can be translated to: Business cards, letterhead, brochures, email signatures, banners, roll-ups, outdoor advertising, and the like.

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