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    Page speed optimization on websites

    The essence of page speed optimization is to give your visitors the best possible experience on your website - regardless of what device and broadband connection they visit from.

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    Analysis leads to surgical intervention

    How we work with website speed optimization

    Before we start with website speed optimization, we do an analysis of how your website or webshop performs today. Based on this analysis, we prioritize which initiatives should be implemented on the website/webshop, including a price for the individual initiatives.


    We do not implement the corrections on the website until we get an acceptance from you about what initiatives you want implemented.


    Both before and after you will receive a report which shows how your website performs on mobile and desktop respectively. Thus, you can clearly see the difference in performance on the website/webshop.

    Remove barriers for your visitors

    Speed ​​optimization is about providing a frictionless experience

    It sounds trite, but speed optimization is roughly about catering to the impatient behavior of visitors.

    Speed ​​optimization is a branch of conversion optimization, as it has been proven that a slow site directly affects your conversion rate.


    Faster page load


    More leads


    Lower bounce rate


    Increased session duration

    Price examples for page speed optimization

    Contact our business developer Mathias Mide on 30 14 88 38 if you have questions about our solutions.

    Analysis and report

    Analysis of present performance
    Execution plan of possible measures
    Prioritization of optimization options
    The budget for implementation
    2.995 DKK
    Get your website analyzed

    Analysis and intermediate efforts

    Analysis of present performance
    Execution plan of possible measures
    3 chosen initiatives will be implemented
    Price range:
    4.995-7.995 DKK
    The beginner package
    Optimization of key importants

    Analysis and complete effort

    Analysis of present performance
    Execution plan of possible measures
    Implementation of all initiatives
    Price range:
    +7.995 DKK
    The full package
    Get control of your entire performance
    Morningtrain digital solutions

    “Morningtrain immediately understood what we were looking for. They listened to us and executed, so that we today have a professional and user-friendly website.”

    Kenneth Joergensen

    Kenneth Jørgensen

    Online Marketing, Athenas
    5 out of 5 stars


    Faster loading on mobile phone and desktop


    Conversion rate

    4 examples of effective initiatives within page speed optimization

    Lazy load of content on website

    Lazy loading is a way in which information is not loaded until it is needed. This ensures that the entire page does not have to load from the server before the result is displayed to the customer.

    Compression of images

    On modern websites you will typically find a lot of images. It is important that these are compressed for web to avoid a slow website. We also optimize any videos you have on your site.

    Minifying CSS and Javascript

    Some of the speed is lost if the code takes up too much space. We clean up the code and remove everything that is unnecessary without changing the functionality of the code.

    Vps hosting

    Website server speed

    We take a look at your server's capacity and speed. If you run on an old or incorrect server setup, it will affect the speed.

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    Hopefully you like the idea of ​​having a very fast website.

    Start by reaching out to Mathias, where you talk about your problem and your options.

    Page speed optimization
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