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    Nordic Google Ads agency | Specialized in B2B and B2C lead generation

    Take your lead generation to the next level

    We work exclusively with ambitious companies that want to scale their business with solid lead generation.


    If you have a serious desire to qualify your lead generation and scale the efficiency of your sales machine, then we speak the same language.

    Morningtrain fokuserer på lead generering
    thomas med fiskestang

    Why choose us to run your Google ads?

    Google Ads as a central part ofyour sales organization

    Google Ads is a powerful tool for lead generation for both B2B and B2C. It is so powerful that we have spent several years building and refining a framework around it.


    The framework is called Morningtrack™ and it is a system we have built ourselves.
    The system is used to track exactly where the relevant leads are coming from right down to the specific search string and ad – as well as the entire subsequent buying journey via phone call or contact form tracking.


    Morningtrack™ shows us which campaign, ads and/or keywords that provides solid leads. This is subsequently used in sparring with your sales department.
    Once you know which elements in Google Ads that provide real and qualified leads, then we can really scale the effort.

    Scale your sales activities with Google Ads

    We create synergy betweensales and marketing

    Our framework require input from sales responsible personnel in your organization. It secures that we qualify the leads that you receive based on the reality of the sale.

    This way we get useful input from the sales responsible which gives us clear indications on what to optimize in your marketing campaigns.

    Measured across previous projects we can document solid results.


    Increased traffic


    Increased conversion rate


    More leads


    Increased value from PPC

    Google Ads agency with a nose for business

    How to start a paid search partnership with Morningtrain

    Technical skills and geeking out are important parts of a collaboration. Another important part is that we match as partners. It requires a sharp and straightforward communication if we are to make a sharp lead-generating Google Ads case together.


    You must have internal resources allocated to review leads on a monthly basis and to evaluate on an ongoing basis with our specialists. The better input we get from you about your business, the stronger we can represent and scale it.


    That's why we start all new Google Ads courses with a 4-month pilot project.


    The success criterion for a pilot project is a ‘proof of concept’ for you.


    This means that after 4 months you know exactly how interesting this business opportunity is for you - as a reference, 93% of our pilot project customers choose to continue with a subsequent 6-month plan.

    Price examples for our Google Ads growth journeys

    Contact our business developer Mathias Mide at 30 14 88 38 if you have questions about Morningtrain's Google Ads solutions.

    Pilotproject (intro)

    Keyword analysis
    Market definition
    Setting up campaign structure
    Lead-tracking via Morningtrack™
    Monthly review of leads
    Monthly optimization of 5-6 campaigns
    Monthly price
    5.950-7.600 DKK
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    about this service?

    The SME customer's favorite

    Ongoing restructuring of campaigns
    A / B testing of ads
    Bid experiments
    Continuous expansion with more keywords
    Lead-tracking via Morningtrack™
    Monthly review of leads
    Monthly optimization of 6-12 campaigns
    Monthly price
    4.750-16.150 DKK
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    about this service?

    International customers' favorite

    The entire technical setup and optimization from "SME customer's favorite"
    Expansion of account to the international market
    Ongoing keyword analysis in language versions
    Lead-tracking via Morningtrack™
    Monthly review of leads (by country)
    Monthly optimization of 8+ campaigns
    Monthly price
    >14.250 DKK
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    about this service?
    Morningtrain digital solutions

    “Communication with Morningtrain is effortless and positive. They are quick to track down our needs and offer effective solutions. They are trustworthy and deliver on time. We definitely recommend Morningtrain!”

    Daniel Johannsen, grundlægger af Cookiebot

    Daniel Johannsen

    Founder, Cookiebot
    5 out of 5 stars


    More clicks


    Increased conversion rate


    Decrease in conversion price

    Our growth journey process with Google Ads

    The first phase will be a pilot project, which will form proof of concept for both the business potential and the collaboration. Then we prepare a 3-6 month plan for the efforts we will prioritize in the coming period. As we scale the case, it will be expanded with more keywords, campaigns, audiences and much more.


    At some point, it will make sense to translate the Google Ads case into an SEO campaign to conquer more of the market. In several cases, we also recommend other advertising platforms to do parallel branding, which supports the effect of your Google Ads and SEO efforts.

    Morningtrain's SEO process consists of the first meeting, analysis phase, optimization phase and reflection phase

    Key tasks in Google Ads optimization

    Preparation of goals

    Mapping of input and output which creates clarity about the project's objectives.

    Market and keyword analysis

    Uncovering the number of searches, competitors and keywords as part of an assessment of how comprehensive the effort will be.

    Ongoing bid adjustments

    Based on the data that Google Ads collects, we make ongoing bid adjustments to distribute your advertising budget most optimally.

    Conversion rate optimization

    Landing page optimization and call to action buttons (CTAs) in order to create synergy between the ad and the content you click on.

    Read more about conversion rate optimization
    thomas fra SEO bureauet Morningtrain spreder dit SEO budskab

    Give your Google ads a boost

    Get even more out of your lead generation setup with Bing

    Bing is often underestimated as a search engine in many ways. In fact, many people use Bing as their default search engine because it is automatically inserted into their browser.

    In addition, the advertising price is also significantly lower than on Google.


    So, if you already have a setup on Google, there is no reason not to get even more out of your setup with Bing


    Courses in Google Ads Strategies

    Learn how to set up converting ads and become a Google Ads expert yourself

    Morningtrain regularly runs Google Ads courses for companies that want a thorough and practical introduction to the advertising platform.


    You will gain an understanding of the features and how to use them to create growth so that you can handle the advertising in your own company.


    Let our experts help you become an expert yourself. Contact us today to hear more about the possibilities of a customised course.

    Google Ads specialists in Odense

    When you partner with Google Advertising, it's always with our in-house specialists. You get a permanent contact person, whom you can always contact during the collaboration, if you want an overview of your project or have questions. We never outsource the collaboration.


    Google logo og Google partner skrevet under


    Do you want an estimate on your Google Ads optimization?

    We've helped a lot of businesses grow by optimizing their Google Ads advertising. Let's optimize your advertising!

    Give Mathias a call or send him an email and we'll take it from there. We look forward to hearing from you.

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