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    Paid ad specialists

    We help you generate more business with paid ads

    Our paid ads team are specialized in Google Ads, Facebook, LinkedIn and display advertising.

    Let's help you make the most of your paid ads budget.

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    Cookiebots udtalelse om Google Ads Bureau Morningtrain

    Which paid ad channels are right for you?

    If you are having difficulties selecting the right mix of paid ads channels for your company, you are not alone.


    We have helped companies in almost every industry, and have a lot of experience with selecting the most rewarding paid ads channels. We help you plan and execute the right strategy. Continue to read more about the different paid ads channels we specialize in.

    Do you already know what you want to achieve with paid ads?

    • I want to:

      Increase my number of leads

    • I want to:

      Attract the right employees

    • I want to:

      Increase brand awareness of my business

    Quick answer - begin with Google Ads

    If you want to attract new customers and leads for your business, Google ads are a rewarding place to start. Our research shows that visitors from Google are 65% more likely to become relevant leads than visitors from social media platforms. However, the downside is that website traffic from Google is more expensive to acquire.

    In only a couple of months, Google ads will clarify whether Google is a lucrative lead generator for your business. When your lead generation is running smoothly in Google ads, then you can add paid activities from social media as part of the medium-long term marketing strategy.

    Read more about Google Ads

    The quick answer - start with LinkedIn

    If you want to use paid ads to make your job openings more visible for future employees, Linkedin is phenomenal. Despite Facebook owning more social media traffic, Linkedin is still the preferred professional social media, where your future employees look for new job opportunities.

    Linkedin provides excellent options for segmenting your paid ads based upon geography, age, education and much more.

    Read more about Facebook Ads

    The quick answer - start with Facebook

    If you want to utilize paid ads to increase your overall brand visibility and recognizability, Facebook is a good option. The success formula for creating a good brand awareness campaign is to reach as many as possible within the target group as often as possible for the least amount of money, and Facebook excels at this.

    A solid alternative would be display advertising on Google.

    Learn more about LinkedIn Ads

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    thomas arbejder med tekstoptimering i SEO bureauet i Odense

    Partnership policy

    Our paid ads team has a strict partnership policy with our existing customers. That states that we do not work with more than 2 clients, that are in the same industry and have similar niche goals.

    In niche industries, we extend the partnership policy so that we only work with one client in that industry.

    Our cooperation policy guarantees, that you have our full attention and that we do not work with your closest competitors.

    See our cases

    The journey with the paid ads team

    The journey with Morningtrain's paid ads team includes an initial offer followed by analysis. We then commence with the execution of agreed tasks and evaluate the performance before agreeing on future improvements and optimization.

    Morningtrain's online advertising process is divided iin 4 phases: the first meeting, analysis, implementation and optimization

    Nordic paid ad specialists


    Are you considering investing in paid ads?

    If you think that our cases and approach to digital paid ads sounds exciting, our Digital business developer Mathias would like to talk with you.

    You can call, write or meet him in person - no strings attached.

    Paid Ads
    Contact Mathias Mide