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    Webshop in Woocommerce and WordPress

    Woocommerce webshop for the ambitious E-business

    Woocommerce is the webshop module for the extremely popular WordPress CMS.


    At Morningtrain, we specialize in developing WooCommerce webshops, which is characterized by its user-friendliness and the many possibilities to expand with new functionalities and integrations.

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    Why choose Woocommerce as your webshop platform?

    webbureau odense

    How we build your Woocommerce webshop

    Working with us, your journey towards your Woocommerce webshop is straight forward.


    Initially, we will have a kick-off workshop, where we plan your future webshop, and address your ideas regarding design and functionality. Furthermore, we will discuss which integrations you would like in order to make the webshop run as smoothly and automatic as possible.


    When we got the plan right, we select the right inhouse team to build the webshop, and you will get your own project manager. We then fuel up the engine room and the journey begins.

    Our Woocommerce developers can make your ideas come to life

    Woocommerce Webshop
    morningtrains stiftere peter og Karsten
    Woocommerce Webshop

    "They were excellent at spotting
    our needs fast, and also the
    ones we did not know we
    had at first"

    jannik er tilfreds med vores arbejde

    Jannik Meier Sørensen

    CMO at WeCoverYou
    5 out of 5 stars


    More online orders


    Increased online revenue


    Increased conversion rate

    Popular Woocommerce integrations & plugins

    Economic systems

    The integration synchronizes data from your webshop and forwards the information to your financial system.

    Plugin development

    We develop custom-made plugins that will fit perfectly with your Woocommerce webshop.


    Integrations make your webshop and ERP-system work together. It synchronizes the data from the webshop and forwards it to the ERP system.

    Payment gateway

    Attach a payment gateway to your webshop and make it possible for your customers to pay with different debit cards.

    Nordic Woocommerce developers

    Solid structure and webshop safety

    When you choose Woocommerce for your webshop, you can safely count on top security. With almost 100,000,000 downloads, the platform currently supports more than one in four webshops on the Internet, and the large number of users means that security errors are quickly discovered and corrected.

    Another bonus with the solid CMS-structure is that Google can very easily index your webshop. That's good news for you, if you want to be found on Google by potential customers.

    Curious about SEO for Webshops?

    3 important considerations about your Woocommerce-webshop


    Would you like a price estimate on your next WooCommerce Webshop project?

    Do you think it would make sense to build your future webshop in WooCommerce? As you might have noticed by now, we are quite fond of WooCommerce!

    Feel free to reach out to our Head of Development Niclas to hear about the process, pricing and how we work with you. No strings attached - talk soon.

    WooCommerce webshop eng
    Contact Niclas Johansen