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    WordPress agency & WordPress development

    Watch your business grow with a professional WordPress website

    WordPress is the most popular CMS-system and it is recognized for its user-friendliness and flexibility. WordPress is known as the most effective platform for proper SEO.


    Morningtrain is a renowned Danish WordPress Agency. We developed popular plugins for the WordPress core, and worked on numerous WordPress projects.

    programmering processen er klar

    WordPress agency that codes plugins for the WordPress core

    solidt team med overblik på hele din rejse

    How we create your WordPress website

    At Morningtrain, we do not just develop websites; we grow your business digitally. This means, among other things, that our starting point for designing your new website is how the site can best help your business.


    We have a clear process when we develop WordPress websites or Woocommerce webshops.


    Initially, we hold a workshop where we your wishes for the website's design and functions, as well as your target group is taken into consideration.


    Afterward, we put together just the right team for your project, and then begin developing your website. Your project manager will keep you updated during this process.


    By the end of the project, we review the completed website together and educate your key-personnel how to use and maintain the website.

    Why WordPress is your best choice when it comes to CMS?

    Morningtrain's process for wordpress website development separated in phases: from the first meeting, to analysis, development, testing and, finaly, implementation

    The usual suspects

    Common WordPress tasks

    WooCommerce development

    Custom WordPress development in the WooCommerce webshop module.



    Migration of data

    3 important considerations before you start your WP development project

    thomas fra SEO bureauet Morningtrain spreder dit SEO budskab

    Choose a WordPress developer with focus on security and structure

    WordPress is used by developers from all over the world co-developing on the platform. Flaws and security breaches are detected quickly, which increases the safety of the platform.

    Another advantage of WordPress is the excellent structure, which Google has no trouble indexing. This gives your website the best conditions to increase its number of visitors.

    Learn more about SEO

    Morningtrain does not outsource

    WordPress agency located in Denmark


    Would you like a price estimate for your next WordPress website project?

    Have we caught your attention with our approach to WordPress web development?

    We hope we did!

    Feel free to write or call Jesper with your thoughts, if you want our opinion with no strings attached.

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